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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

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Q. Does the library offer public access to the Internet?

Yes, there is public access to the Internet at 15 computers during all the hours the library is open. You can also search the Internet on our 7 catalog computers on the First Level. There are also Internet computers in the Children's Room for children 12 and younger and their parents and in the Teens Room for teens. We also offer WiFi (wireless) Internet access for appropriately configured laptops.  Back to Top

Q. Does the library offer WiFi (wireless) access to the Internet?

Yes, we offer WiFi (wireless) Internet access for appropriately configured laptops.  Back to Top

Q. I'm not from Andover. Can I use the Internet?

Anyone with a library card from a Massachusetts library can use the Internet. Occasional out-of-town visitors can be logged in as a "guest". Regular visitors from other states must purchase an Andover library card.  Back to Top

Q. How can I sign up to use the Internet?

You can walk in and sign up to use the computers by logging in with your library card and pin number. If a computer is open, just sit down and log in. If a computer is not open, just log in at the signup station and you will enter the waiting queue.  Back to Top

Q. If I don't arrive by the time I reserved, can I still use the Internet?

Our PC reservation software will hold your slot for 5 minutes past the time you reserved.  Back to Top

Q. Is there any time when I am likely to have to wait for an Internet computer?

Afternoons, evenings, and Saturday and Sunday afternoons are likely to be busy, but wait times rarely exceed ten minutes.   Back to Top

Q. How long can I use the Internet?

Each person can initially sign up for an hour per day. After that hour, you may reenter the queue for a second hour.  Back to Top

Q. What kind of access do you offer?

As part of its contract with the Town of Andover, Comcast donates broadband access.  Back to Top

Q. What browser do you use?

Internet Explorer 7.  Back to Top

Q: What software is available?

  • Microsoft Office 2003 products: Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Access and Publisher
  • DVD player: CyberLink PowerDVD
  • CD/DVD burning software: Nero Express 6
  • Symantec AntiVirus
  • Various reference CD-ROMS        Back to Top

Q. Is there a charge for access to the Internet?

No, but there is a charge of $.10 per page for printing ($.40 per page for color).  Back to Top

Q. What kind of printers do you have for printing from the Internet?

All computers print to a Xerox Phaser high speed laser printer that can print letter and legal sizes of paper in both in black & white and color.  Back to Top

Q. How much does it cost to print from the Internet?

  Black &
letter (8½" x 11") 10¢ 40¢

  Back to Top

Q. Can I bring my own paper and save money?

No. The cost of the paper is only a very small part of the costs associated with printing.  Back to Top

Q: Can I download/upload/save information to/from a CDs and USB drives?

Yes. Our computers include a CD/DVD burner, memory card reader/writers, and USB ports for external storage devices so you can easily save large files. For your convenience, you can purchase CD-Rs at our Circulation Desk or you may bring your own.  Back to Top

Q: Can I use a CD/DVD in the library's computers?

Yes. Our new computers also include a CD/DVD burner. You can purchase recordable CDs (CD-Rs) at the Circulation Desk or bring your own.  Back to Top

Q: Can I use email at the library's computers?

You can establish an email account at no charge with many web-based email providers. Ask a reference librarian if you need assistance. If you have an established web-based email account, you should be able to access it from the library's computers. Ask a reference librarian if you encounter any difficulties. You will not be able to access any email provider whose services are not web-based.  Back to Top

Q: Can I receive an attachment by email?

Yes, you can receive an attachment by downloading it. If you download to the hard drive, it will disappear when the computer is rebooted. We suggest you download to a USB drive. Since our computers include Microsoft Office, you will be able to open many (but not all) types of files.  Back to Top

Q: Can I send an attachment in my email?

Yes, you can send attachments.  Back to Top

Q: Can I participate in chat groups while using the computers at the library?

Yes, you can participate easily in web-based chat, but not in any type of chat that requires downloading a program, and then rebooting the computer, since any files you download will disappear when the computer is rebooted.  Back to Top

Q: Can I connect my laptop to a dialup modem?

There is no access to modems since our Internet access is via broadband.  Back to Top

Q: Does the library offer any assistance in using the Internet?

Of course! Reference librarians are available to get you started and answer any questions that you have. A reference librarian can direct you to sites that will help you find information on your topic. To find information by subject, try the Recommended Sites on the MHL home page, or use the main menu on the computers at the library. The library also offers beginning Internet courses through the Town of Andover's Department of Community ServicesBack to Top

Q: Does the library filter its Internet access in any way?

The library does not use any software to "filter" Internet content on any of its computers. Please see our Internet Access PolicyBack to Top

Compiled by Ruth Rosensweig, Reference Librarian

Last updated: October 01, 2012
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