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How to Copy/Move a File from the Hard Drive to the Floppy Drive

It is generally a good idea to download a file to the hard drive first and then copy it to the floppy drive, rather than download the file directly from the internet onto the floppy. To copy the file, open Windows Explorer, then navigate to where the file was downloaded by clicking once on its drive and/or folder in the left pane. You should see the file itself in the right pane. Drag and drop the file from the right pane to the icon depicting the A: drive in the left pane. The file is now copied. (In Windows, if you see a box with two or more distinct sections in it, those sections are called panes, as in window panes.)

Another way to copy a file to the floppy is to right-click once on the file and choose Send To, then 3 Floppy (A).

If you don't want to copy but rather want to move the file, drag and drop while holding down the right mouse button. After you let go of the mouse button, you'll be presented with options to Copy, Move, or Create Shortcut. (Patrons should avoid creating shortcuts on their floppy drives if the shortcuts refer to files located on the hard drive; when they take their floppies home, their computer will complain that it can't find the file that their floppy's shortcut refers to -- because the file's on our computer's hard drive!) Moving a file is the same copying the file from place A to place B and then deleting it from place A.

The Zip Disk drive (B:) cannot be used with regular floppy disks.

Last updated: October 01, 2012
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