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Trio Orione

October 23, 2:00pm in Memorial Hall

  • Roy Imperio, Pianist
  • Susanne Friedrich, Cellist
  • Katharina Radberger, Violinist

The Trio Orione story:

Philippine-born pianist, Roy Imperio and Austrian-born cellist, Susanne Friedrich met in 1998 at the Thayer Performing Arts Center of Atlantic Union College in South Lancaster, Massachusetts, where they both taught at that time. They started playing together at the school's faculty recitals and had the vision of forming a piano trio, even though it took some time to find a violinist to join them. In the fall of 2001 they finally started a piano trio with violinist Ann Miklich. Many performances followed until the winter of 2004 when Ann had to end her commitment to be part of the trio.

In the meantime, Susanne met violinist, Katharina Radlberger, an Austrian compatriot who arrived in the US in 2003. Katharina and Susanne co-founded the Vienna Waltz Ensemble, a group performing waltzes, polkas, and marches in the style of Vienna's New Years Concert. Katharina joined Roy and Susanne in January 2005 to form Trio Orione. They chose the name, Orione (Italian for Orion and since Imperio could also be an Italian name) based on the belief that the constellation Orion is the door to heaven, and this is what music can and should be. Also, the three musicians got together for the first time in January when one can see the constellation Orion at its brightest with its three prominent stars.

Since then Trio Orione has performed recitals at the Weston Public Library, in the Red Room at the Thayer Conservatory at Atlantic Union College, and in New England Conservatory's Williams Hall.

Sponsored by the Friends of Memorial Hall Library.  Admission is free.  No registration required.

Last updated: October 01, 2012
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