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On and off the trail: seventy years with the Appalachian Mountain Club

presented by Fred Stott
April 19, 7:00pm in Memorial Hall

Fred StottThis is a tale told by Fred, a tale of seventy years of kinship with the Appalachian Mountain Club. It starts as an eleven-year old boy who finds a mountain (Chocorua), climbs it, loses his way, finds it and stays connected with both mountain and club for more than seventy years. A tale of people and of the land, especially the White Mountains of New Hampshire.

Fred sees the Appalachian Mountain Club, now more than 125 years old, as a major player in determining how we inhabitants of the northeastern United States safeguard and use our land and water for recreation -- what we have done, are doing, and can do.

Last updated: October 01, 2012
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