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eBay Buying & Selling

presented by Cliff McGann
Saturday April 9th, 2:00pm in Memorial Hall

As the internet becomes safer and safer, many people are still not utilizing its most popular online auction site, eBay. Cliff uses it to save money and can teach anyone else to do the same as well as find that unique item they've been searching for at yard sales and estate sales for years. Cliff has been an avid eBay user since 1998. As both a buyer and seller he knows the ins and outs of the most popular internet auction site like the back of his hand. Let his eBay experiences, both good and bad, teach you how to safely and effectively use eBay to simplify your life and save money.

This program is designed for those with little to no eBay experiences though advanced tips are given throughout to provide some useful information for those who already have some eBay experience.

Buying, selling, and the basics on getting started. If you haven't discovered the wonderful (and possibly profitable) world of eBay yet, come see what all the fuss is about.

Last updated: October 01, 2012
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