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Solving the Mystery of the Billy Club from the Violent Lawrence Mill Strikes of 1912

presented by Louise Sandburg and Bruce Wilson
Wednesday September 20, 12:30 pm
Memorial Hall   FREE

The national PBS program "History Detectives" recently focused on the Merrimack Valley when they learned of the existence of a billy club inscribed with "Lawrence Strike 1-12-1912." Come and listen to how librarian Louise Sandburg and the program investigators determined where the billy club came from. The strike was one of the biggest in labor history, involving some 30,000 textile workers who destructively protested cuts in pay and long hours.  About 400 strikers were arrested and two people were killed during the nine week strike.

Author Bruce Watson spent two years researching Bread and Roses, the first full-length narrative of the legendary 1912 textile strike in Lawrence. His book, which the New York Times called "fast paced, well-researched...and exciting read" takes readers back to the gritty, snowy streets of "Immigrant City."  Joining us, Watson will share stories of strikers and millmen, recount highlights, and explain the origins of the much maligned strike nicknamed "Bread and Roses."

Last updated: October 01, 2012
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