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Collection Development Manual 2005
Circulating Collection Formats

Applied Science and Technology  600-699

Collection Goal: increase collection size as medicine, pets, gardening, business and building circulate heavily

Major Subclasses Collecting Guidelines Selection Sources Weeding Guidelines Action Items
Class as a whole Purchase generally for practical use. Look for well-written up-to-date manuals with clear instructions for laymen

Select up-to-date career and examination books. Purchase multiple copies of heavily requested material

Some classics and authoritative works in subject areas. Most usage is by adults.

Standard sources

Publishers' catalogs


Book suggestions

Timeliness very important for manuals, exam books, career, disease books

Check at 5-7 yrs

Others weed by condition and usage



Purchase at lay level: health careers, examinations, specific diseases, one volume lay health encyclopedias, prescription drug handbooks, diet and exercise, basic anatomy, history of medicine, some personal accounts

Purchase for lay and student use: AIDS, eating disorders, drug and alcohol abuse, smoking. Alternative health and reducing diet books - scrutinize carefully by publisher, author, reviews.

Watch for books on new therapies/medical updates

  Check for currency at 5-7 yrs

Most titles weeded after 10 yrs



Collect heavily repair manuals for non-experts

Buy general books on basic processes - how things work

Update repair books regularly as technology changes

Maintain small collection of engineering texts at the undergraduate level.



Publisher's lists (McGraw-Hill, Auden, Goodheart)

Weed by condition and usage

Keep an eye on technological change

Check at 7-10 yrs

Update electronics


Collect gardening books from beginners to advanced

Maintain small collection on farming

    Integrate gardening books from the 700s and weed this section
Pets and farm animals


Collect books on pet care, pet selection, exotic pets, dog and cat breeds, some works on one breed for common breeds

Maintain small collection of personal accounts and books on farm animals



Very popular area. Collect at the simple to medium level of difficulty

Collect classic authors, types of cooking, types of food, recipes from different countries, vegetarian cooking, recipes for medical conditions, cooking for crowds or few, local and well-known authors

Keep abreast of new food interests and concerns (low fat, high fiber, roasting, low carb, etc.)

    Concentrate on low carb cooking until the "fad" runs its course


Collect at the lay level on up-to-date home improvement/remodeling, home sewing, cosmetology, food/lodging, small business startup, family life, retirement issues     Update sewing 646


Current works by well-know authors

Modern guides on particular aspects, ages



Collect practical and theoretical works at various levels of expertise - resume writing, small/home business startup & management, secretarial and accounting handbooks, management theories and practices.

Concentrate on the use of computers for business applications

Management is very popular

Wall Street Journal,
NYT,Time, Newsweek, AMACOM, Broadway, Dearborn Financial, Harper Business, JIST, Prentice Hall, Warner,  Harvard Business School
Keep most titles no more than 10 years

Update practical manuals

Weed entire section by use, condition, and date


Carpentry projects and manuals for non-experts

Keep small but updated collection on manufacturing

Betterways, Sunset, Audels Project books weeded when they are no longer fresh and attractive  


Collect how-to-do-it manuals on particular projects/systems -  heating, plumbing, cooling, construction estimating, electrical

Generally collect at the non-expert level

Audels Check at 7 yrs for obsolescent technologies  


Last updated: July 07, 2014
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