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Collection Development Manual 2005
Circulating Collection Formats

History  900-999

Collection Goal: maintain collection size

Major Subclasses Collecting Guidelines Selection Sources Weeding Guidelines Action Items
Class as a whole Popular works for general reading

Books to support research at the high school and early college level

Standard review sources


University press catalogs

Publishers catalogs for YA materials

Popular media

Replace dated materials with newer materials

Replace standard titles that are in demand and in print.

Overview World History World histories, timelines, and chronologies

Update when new editions are available, otherwise keep as long as condition warrants

New works on explorers are in demand for student assignments, as are overviews of "decades"

  By condition and circulation

Replace standard works



Buy popular works intended for general public and armchair travelers, materials for general research, adventure/survival books, a few undergraduate level geography texts, atlases, area handbooks. Rely on some electronic formats (atlases, maps). Publisher's catalogs Keep narratives 5-10 years unless still popular

Weed atlases ruthlessly in areas that are undergoing political change

Weed area handbooks, chronologies and timelines when new material is available.

Weed area handbooks by date
Social Life & Customs


Collect for general interest and school assignments, especially handbooks

Support middle school and high school research

Daily life in different countries, social conditions and customs of different places and US states of interest to travelers and students

Multiple copies of some titles is appropriate.

  Weed area handbooks when new editions come in  
Ancient History, European History, World Wars


Buy general histories of individual countries for student use

Collect general histories of wars, some books on battles

United States History


General histories of US regions and states, for students

Multiple copies of titles of local interest

Buy heavily -- Presidents and Native Americans

Local interest in Civil War

University presses usually too specialized and academic for us    
South America and other areas


Current materials for South America should be sought

Student level materials not easily found

Buy multiple copies of topics in demand



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