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Collection Development Manual 2009
Circulating Collection Formats

Children's Collection

Collection Goal: maintain collection size

Major Subclasses Collecting Guidelines Selection Sources Weeding Guidelines Action Items
Class as a whole Collect in most formats through Grade 6 Kirkus, SLJ,Booklist, PW,Horn Book, Boston Globe, NYT, Best Books for Children, Best Books of the Year,other checklists Continuously weed all sections

Replace worn items still in demand

Add revised editions when available

Board Books Heavily used by infants and toddlers. Replace frequently.      
Picture Books Collect broadly. Multiple copies for standard and popular titles. Additional copies in pb for titles in demand. Seek out books on a variety of cultures.   Weed heavily in preparation for new shelving (FY09) Weed

Purchase new shelving

Formalize "favorite authors" section with labels and designations in database

Beginning Readers Collect heavily and in multiples. Replace old editions with reissues in color. Continue to build leveled collections as they become available.   As needed for wear and tear and shelving space Purchase more "hot" titles for kids (characters such as Batman, Scooby Doo, Disney, Sesame St, etc.


Purchase or find display shelving

Younger Fiction Commonly called "Bridge Books", these beginning chapter books for transitional readers are in demand. Multiple copies of popular authors and series . Backup pbs in quantity!   As needed for wear and tear and shelving space Continue to purchase additional titles on Andover schools summer reading lists and MCBA
Fiction Retain and replace classics and "modern" classics. Collect genres such as mysteries, fantasy, sci fi, and ghost stories. In general, one copy with backups of popular titles in paperback.   As needed for wear and tear and shelving space Continue to purchase additional titles on Andover schools summer reading lists and MCBA
Graphic Novels New!     Purchase more and acquire better display shelving for collection
Parents Browsing Shelf Small browsing collection of fiction and nonfiction for adults, with an emphasis on parenting issues, how-to, recreational reading, some travel   Weed and replace often  
Nonfiction Purchase all well-reviewed trade titles. Multiple copies for high demand topics, such as ecology, wildlife, science experiments. Watch for additions to well established series.     Move Something about Author print volumes to Mezzanine or mags storage with goal of reorganizing storage room
300s Collect fairy tales and folklore, especially from other countries and cultures   Weed Christmas collection  
400s Build foreign language holdings, especially Spanish, French, Russian, and Asian languages      
500s Maintain currency of science titles on a variety of levels. Many good science experiment books only available in paperback   Weed astronomy, planets and solar system Purchase new space, planets, solar system to update and support summer reading
600s Collect health material appropriate to various age levels thru 6th grade. Other applied sciences as available.   Weed space travel and technology Purchase new titles 629.4 and similar to support summer reading
700s High demand for arts, crafts, sports. Collect for wide variety of ages and interests.      
800s Buy short story and poetry collections as available. Collect plays and skits. Multiple copies of popular titles      
900s Maintain current info on countries and states. Backup reference material very important. Collect heavily: early civilizations, American history, medieval and modern history. 3 copies each of well-used series.      
Ref and Online       Plan for promotion of online resources, including staff training

Evaluate Ref collection and weed

Evaluate online resources for purchase

Biography Heavy demand by readers in all grades. Purchase for various levels (e.g. 4 or 5 levels for Columbus) - explorers, artists, scientists, athletes. African-American bios in great demand. Buy pb also.      
Collective Biography Useful for less well known figures. Use Collective Biography index for possible titles. Good series are available.      
Paperbacks In general buy for both popular and serious readers. Additional copies for summer reading titles and some fiction not available in hardcover. Lots of titles on sports and athletics     Purchase duplicate copies of Andover Summer Reading lists and MA Children's Book Award lists
Parents' Shelf Collect primarily books on reading, literacy, preschool, homeschool, teacher resources, child development. and materials for children with disabilities.      
Magazines Wide variety of subjects of interest to children, and some for parents. Watch for new titles that are indexed.      
Videos Phase out.

Purchase only to meet demand or when DVD is not available

DVDs Maintain balance of educational vs. entertainment.

Primary AV purchase.

Replace video classics with DVDs

Other media Collect puzzles, music CDs, audio books on CD and Playaways.

Primarily browsing collections - important to keep in good working order and add to as appropriate material becomes available

    Purchase and find more shelving for all audio formats.

Phase out audiocassettes and books on cassette.

Increase size of books on CD collection and provide better shelving

Litkits Developed for day care and preschool use

Need refurbishing and updating every 2-3 yrs

Develop kits on new topics as needed, or as funds are available

    Use donations to create more kits
CD-ROMs Select a variety of products that aid learning in both Windows and Mac formats

Purchase as available

    Investigate the feasibility of purchasing video games to supplement or replace CD-ROMs


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