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Collection Development Manual 2005
Circulating Collection Formats


Collection Goal: increase collection size

Major Subclasses Collecting Guidelines Selection Sources Weeding Guidelines Action Items
Class as a whole Collect both feature films and how/to documentaries

Currently charging $1 for DVD loan

Video Librarian, Entertainment Weekly, Variety, Ingram catalog, B&T catalog, LJ

Specialized catalogs

Online sources

Patron suggestions


Weed by condition

DVDs have a tough time holding up to library circulation

Feature Films Collect new, well-reviewed popular films, esp. Academy Award winners

Generally purchase at release date

Collect some well-reviewed art/independent films

Add classics as budget permits.

Foreign Films Collect well-reviewed films      


Collect titles that take advantage of this format's special features and options      
Quick Flicks Collect multiple copies ($2 rental) of new titles.  Nonrequestable.   Move to regular DVD collection when demand subsides Evaluate this new program


Last updated: July 07, 2014
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