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Collection Development Manual 2005
Circulating Collection Formats

Fiction  Fic

Collection Goal: maintain collection size; increase numbers of items in demand

Major Subclasses Collecting Guidelines Selection Sources Weeding Guidelines Action Items
Class as a whole Regularly purchase attractive new editions of classics

Buy multiple copies of classics and items in heavy demand

General guidelines - at least one copy for every 4 reserves

Kirkus, LJ, NYT, PW, Boston Globe, popular media, Booklist Previews

Online sources - Amazon, B&N, Powells

Various bestseller lists


Patron suggestions

Weed classics by condition, weed pop fiction when demand subsides, replace worn items still in demand

Generally, weed items with no circs in 3 yrs

Weeding must be frequent to keep collection shelved!

Continually make decisions as to whether to add To Go items to the regular collection after one year of circ


Continually weed as space is short and we buy Fiction heavily



Very popular

Buy multiple copies of popular authors

  By condition

No circs in 3 yrs



Currently very little demand      
Science Fiction


Includes fantasy

Also purchase heavily in paperback and YA

Try to collect all titles in series

Bestsellers Purchase multiple copies and also for Books to Go

Buy new copy for every 4 holds

Buy everything on NYT, PW, and Boston Globe bestseller lists

Buy almost everything on Amazon and B&N top 100

MVLC purchase alert report

Booklist Advance

LJ Previews


Patron suggestions


Ingram Advance

B & T Forecasts

Books to Go 1-2 copies of most popular titles for special display - no reserves, no staff checkouts, no renewals

Format: hardcover or trade paper

Demand Discard or make regular circ when demand ebbs  
Adult Paperback PB/A


Paperbacks to Go

Very popular

New pop titles go to Paperbacks to Go

When demand subsides, recatalog PB/A if needed

Format: mass market paperback



Previews, ads, advances, best seller lists

Weed by condition

Evaluate Paperbacks to Go collection

Short Stories


Collect by demand and by excellent reviews Some on standing order    
Notable Books to Go Collect prize-winners and from Notable Books lists for last 5 yrs

Format: trade paperback

Notable Books lists (NYT, B&N, LJ, etc.) and prizewinners Discard or transfer to regular collection when too old, no longer in demand or in poor condition Evaluate collection
Classics to Go Collect both older and newer classics

Format: trade paperback

Standard lists


Weed by condition Evaluate collection
Graphic Novel Collect most popular titles Mostly starred reviews in PW Weed by usage Consider better display


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