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Collection Development Manual 2005
Circulating Collection Formats

Language Audio   SC Language, CD Language

Collection Goal: maintain collection size


Major Subclasses Collecting Guidelines Selection Sources Weeding Guidelines Action Items
Class as a whole Collect both short introductions (1-2 tapes with manuals) for travelers and beginners, and longer sets for the more serious lay learner

Advanced college level sets are not purchased, with the exception of the Pimsleur series for the most popular languages

Purchase multiple copies where demand is high

Order from Baker & Taylor or Ingram when possible, otherwise directly from Publisher

Recorded Books is now repackaging and selling Pimsleur products in tape and CD format.

Publishers catalogs: Barron's, Passport Books, Pimsleur

Popular series include Learn in Your Car, Language 30, ...for Travelers

Patron requests

Repackage or weed by condition

Replace damaged and missing cassettes and manuals

Replace dated titles with newer materials

Major languages Spanish is the most heavily requested, followed by French, German, Italian

Also have frequent requests for Russian, Japanese, and Mandarin

Order a variety of materials, from single cassette, to intermediate sets of three or four cassettes, to the longer multi-volume Pimsleur sets



Purchase at least an introductory set (1-2 cassettes) for any language requested

The Language 30 series is ideal for this group



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