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Collection Development Manual 2005
Circulating Collection Formats

Other Formats

Computer Application Software

At this time, the library does not purchase or circulate computer software for the circulating collection, except software (diskettes, CD-ROMs) that comes packaged with books or other formats. The software acquired in this way is considered an integral part of the book, is packaged with the book, and circulates with the book. If the software becomes lost or damaged it is not replaced. The library does not and cannot assure the user that this bundled software is virus-free and intact. Because of the problems attendant with computer software and because of copyright issues, the library has no future plans to circulate this media. We are currently purchasing and circulating CD-ROMS, because they are durable, virus-free, and are not applications, but rather consumer-oriented edutainment, infotainment, or reference products.

New Formats

As new media comes on the scene, the library will evaluate the media to determine if the format is in demand and suitable for public library collecting. While not jumping on every technological bandwagon, it is wise for the public library to respond to the demands of its users, and offer new technologies that offer advantages over the old. Thus videotapes have replaced 16mm film and CDs have replaced records and cassettes.

In the last few years, the library has implemented a circulating CD-ROM collection. In FY2000, we have added movies in DVD format and audiobooks in CD format. In FY2001 we added Gemstar ebook reading devices. In FY2002 we added digital audio book players.

Last updated: July 07, 2014
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