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Collection Development Manual 2005
Circulating Collection Formats

Young Adult Collection

Collection Goal: maintain collection size

Major Subclasses Collecting Guidelines Selection Sources Weeding Guidelines Action Items
Class as a whole Collect in most formats for middle school and high school audience School Library Journal, VOYA, Kliatt, Booklist, Kirkus

Publishers: Harper Trophy, Scholastic, Beech Tree, Facts on File, Greenhaven, Lucent, Rosen, Scribner/Macmillan, Laurel Leaf, Aladdin, Viking Penguin, UXL, Benchmark, Chelsea House, Bantam/Dell

Continuously weed

Replace worn items still in demand

Formulate CD responsibilities for YA staff

Optimize signage

Work on new YA call numbers

Fiction Limit collection to popular authors and those books that are highly recommended   Weed heavily in summer  
Nonfiction Buy both informational and educational books

Collect heavily in areas for student research, i.e. countries, social issues

Watch for additions to series

Add revised editions when available.

Paperbacks Primarily a browsing collection of contemporary and classic fiction and recreational nonfiction

Buy additional copies for summer reading titles and popular authors

  Weed and replace often  
Audio Books Buy recordings of well-reviewed YA books

Occasionally purchase classic titles.

Music CDs Buy mostly music that's in demand with frequent air play, both popular and alternative Billboard, People,, Entertainment Weekly Important to check for last activity date  
CD-ROMs Collect a variety of recreational and educational titles PC Gamer, Family PC, Kliatt    
Magazines Subscribe to a wide variety of magazines, both general interest and specialized   Discard after one year unless indexed  
DVDs Buy popular teen DVDs, both feature films and music performances

Limit selection to PG and PG-13 ratings

Buy very few, if any, videos

Entertainment Weekly, Weed only by condition as collection is still small  
Graphic Novels Select well-reviewed novels that appeal to teens. Watch for new additions to series.   Voya    


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