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Collection Development Manual 2009
Circulating Collection Maintenance


Format Mend if: Discard if: Repurchase if:
Books Book is still in demand

Book is in decent shape and is mendable

Note: At this time, we do not send circulating books out to be rebound. Many titles are now available in PB for replacement.
Book is no longer in demand

We have adequate copies of title

We have sufficient information in other titles

Book has out of date info

Book is in poor shape -  yellowed pages, dried out binding, damaged cover, missing pages.
Book is still in demand and is in print, and we don't have adequate copies of the title, or sufficient information in other books.

Try hard to replace "classic" titles.
Books on Tape


Books on CD

We no longer mend or repackage tapes

CDs are not repairable but can be cleaned and renewed by special machine



Tapes are old or in poor condition

Too many disks are damaged
We do not repurchase set or tapes in cassette format

Repurchase individual disks or entire title, either from same vendor or another vendor if entire set is past its useful life.



Videos are withdrawn if patrons report problems viewing

DVDs are not repairable but can be cleaned and renewed

Video has had many circulations and is worn beyond repair (streaks, fuzzy, several breaks)

DVD is cracked or otherwise unrepairable

Title is still in demand - only repurchase in DVD format
CD Music Clean CD in machine if possible CDS are durable, but if patron indicates problem, CD is cleaned, and if still unplayable it is discarded Title is still in demand or a classic


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