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Collection Development Manual 2005/2006
Circulating Collection Overview

Action Items 2005/2006

FY 2005/2006 will years when we concentrate heavily on our collections. Surveys indicate that the vast majority of people come into our library to borrow materials. We have spent several years focusing our initiatives on technology. It is time to focus on our collections.

Two big projects in FY2005 have had a major impact on our collections. The First Floor Reorganization Project and our LSTA Serving People with Disabilities grant have resulted in:

  • New public service desks for Information Services (Reference) and Customer Services (Circulation) which bring visual excitement, increased access, and a new footprint to their respective areas
  • Comprehensive and dramatic new signage has made it easier for people to find resources and help in the library
  • Reorganized first floor space has enabled us to offer easier access to materials and room for new browsing collections
  • Reorganized space has more of a "retail" feel, enabling us to better merchandise and promote our collections

Additionally, a new revolving account from feature film rental fees has enabled us to expand our nonprint collections to meet increased demand.

At the end of FY2005/2006 we hope to see increased circulation, increased foot traffic and increased customer satisfaction with our renewed emphasis on making our collections more relevant to our customers.


Format Action Item Status By Whom
Nonfiction Pump up how-to, crafts, test prep, practical, etc.   Beth and Ref staff
000s Label computer book shelves by subject Done 7/05 Beth
  Create endcap slatwall display for computer books Done
100s Update classics -- philosophy, psychology, logic and ethics Done 7/05 Beth/Intern Joe
200s Buy more inspirational titles to meet demand Ongoing Beth
300s Heavy interest in this election year.  Buy accordingly. Ongoing Beth
400s Create better signage for ESL and foreign language shelving    
500s Buy more math study guides Done Beth
600s Update electronics, energy, etc. sections Done Beth
  Integrate gardening books from the 700s and weed this section   Beth/Barbara Mc
  Concentrate on low carb cooking until the "fad" runs its course The fad has run its course! Beth
  Update sewing 646 Done Beth
  Weed entire Business section by use, condition, and date    
700s Major hands-on weed of 700s as our shelves are bursting Done Beth and Glenda
  Recatalog gardening titles to 600s    
800s Replace standard Spanish titles Done 7/04 Eleanor
  Update humor section Done 10/05 Beth
900s Weed area handbooks by date    
Art Decide the "fate" of this collection    
Audio Books Optimize shelving and display in the reconfigured first floor Done Beth/Jesse
Biography Create better signage for collection, including alerting patrons to other areas where bio material can be found (sports, art, music, etc.)    
CD-ROMs Move to less valuable real estate Done
Children Write an action plan to improve access to electronic resources and technology in CR    
  Younger Fiction: Improve layout and shelving of this hardcover and pb collection with more/better shelving    
  Continue to purchase additional titles on Andover schools summer reading lists    
  Purchase materials to complement Mother Goose Asks Why LSTA grant    
  Evaluate impact of charging for videos and DVDs    
  Find more shelving for audio books    
  Increase size of books on CD collection and provide better shelving    
  Use grant money and donations to create 4-6 more kits    
DVDs Increase collection size by buying multiple copies with funds from revolving account Ongoing Nancy R
  Optimize shelving Done Nancy R
  Evaluate this new program    
eAudio Add new players Added 10 Muvos  
  Expand subscription list of eAudio alerts Ongoing Eleanor
ESL Improve signage and labeling    
Fiction Create better signage for genres    
  Weed entire collection to insure that there is only one overflow area   (holding only recent popular fiction) Done Beth
  Continually make decisions as to whether to add To Go items to the regular collection after one year of circ Ongoing Beth
  Continually weed as space is short and we buy Fic heavily Ongoing Beth
  Paperbacks: Major weed by condition Done 7/04 Lillian/Beth
  Evaluate Paperbacks to Go collection    
  Evaluate Notable Books to Go collection    
  Start Classics to Go collection Done Beth
Large Type Evaluate RB standing order plan Decided to keep Beth
Music Improve signage for parts of collection Done 7/04 Beth
  Evaluate CDs to Go collection    
Periodicals As funds permit, increase backfile of Eagle Tribune    
Travel Label shelves Done 7/04 Beth
Videos Optimize shelving of free loan videos in back of Reference area Done Beth/Nancy
YA Formulate CD responsibilities for YA staff    
  Optimize signage Done Beth
  Work on new YA call numbers    


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