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Collection Development Manual 2009
Circulating Collection Selection


Also see: Book Donation FAQs and the Gifts and Donations Policy

Donations are made to the Friends of Memorial Hall Library. Donated material is accepted with the understanding that the items are donated to the Friends, and may or may not be added to the collection. We strongly discourage the donation of old textbooks, magazines, or items in poor condition. We will receipt donations (number and format of items donated, date, donor, etc), but will not place a value on the items. Items not added to the collection remain with the Friends for inclusion in their book sales.

Gifts must meet the same standards for inclusion in the collection as items that we select and purchase.


The Coordinator of Circulation and Technical Services checks the database for current holdings of donated books, and determines whether the item should be added to the collection. The following items are prime candidates for inclusion:

  • Popular titles, usually fiction, still on reserve or otherwise in demand
  • Newer editions of titles already in the collection
  • Replacements for lost, missing, long overdue, or ragged items
  • Paperbacks in excellent condition, both as first copies and as added copies
  • Out-of-print titles still in demand
  • Nonfiction titles to add to popular subject areas or subject areas that need strengthening

Note that many many more items are donated to the Friends than we can check and add to the collection.


The librarian who manages each of these formats is responsible for evaluating items for inclusion.

Children's and Young Adult Materials

The Coordinator of Children's Services and the YA Librarian respectively evaluate these materials for inclusion.

Gifts from Local Authors and Local Organizations

These titles are evaluated for inclusion in the collection by the Assistant Director. Gifts from local authors of their own titles which fall outside of our collection development criteria are generally added to the collection with the call number of Andover Writer.

Memorial Gifts

Monetary gifts are frequently made to the Library in memory of, or in honor of, an individual, While the subject matter of a memorial gift is suggested by the donor, the library staff selects and purchases the book. A memorial plaque is placed in the book.

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