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Collection Development Manual 2009
Circulating Collection Selection

Replacement Copies


Format Identify Titles for Replacement Replace if:
Books Printouts or alerts for long overdue or lost items are checked in database to determine # of copies, # of circulations, publication date.

Mending shelf is checked for candidates for discard and repurchase.

Reserve lists, ILL requests, and Reference notebook/Reference "searched for and not found" box is checked for replacement candidates.

Reference librarians make suggestions for replacement for items that "should be" available but aren't (classics, popular titles, etc).

New, or updated edition is available.

Book is still in demand and is in print, and we don't have adequate copies of the title, or sufficient subject information in other books.

Try hard to replace "classic" titles.

Be sure to keep adequate number of titles of items continually in demand.

New edition has substantially updated information.
Audio Books Long overdue or lost items.

Visual inspection of collection.

Patron identified items that are in poor condition.

Periodic checks of circulations on high circulating/shabby looking items.

Most titles are not replaced.

Title is still in demand.

Replace single CDs where appropriate.

Repurchase entire title, either from same vendor or another vendor if entire set is past its useful life.

DVDs Long overdue or lost items.

Staff or patron identified items that are in poor condition.

Videos are not being purchased or replaced

DVD is still in demand and not dated.


Recorded Music Long overdue or lost items.

Damaged items.

Title is still in demand.

Replace "classic" titles

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