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Collection Development Manual 2009
Circulating Collection Selection

Special Considerations

Curriculum Materials/Textbooks

The library does not collect textbooks or other curriculum-related materials produced specifically for schools, except as these materials also serve the needs of the general public. Thus, the library may purchase or add donations of a textbook that covers a broad area of knowledge that is not covered in more general publications. This includes a few high school level and undergraduate level texts, especially in the sciences and technology.

Duplicate Copies/Bestseller Demand/"To Go" Browse Collections

In general, the library purchases one copy for every four unfilled reserves placed on a title. The library generally purchases two or three copies of very popular titles for permanent addition to the collection. In addition we purchase copies of popular titles for a Books to Go collection, a browsing collection on which no reserves can be placed. We also have browsing collections of popular, new paperbacks (Paperbacks to Go), DVDs (Quick Flicks), Notable Books (Notable Books), Classics (Classics to Go),Book Club suggestions (Book Club), and the "Intro" series from Oxford University Press.

Regional Responsibilities

As the Regional supplemental reference and interlibrary loan center for Northeastern Massachusetts, Andover receives state funding to provide reference services for the Region. In this role, the library has funds to purchase materials that are needed to answer specialized questions. In light of this role, the library is often asked to buy quality titles that are more expensive than other libraries feel they can spend. The library tries to cooperate with these requests whenever possible and advisable. In addition, the library purchases online databases that provide extensive reference and research information. These materials may take the place of, complement, or supplement print materials.


The library has maintained a "storage" area, both for Reference and circulating materials, on the balcony level above the Circulation Desk. This area is quite useful for Reference materials, far less so for circulating materials. We have weeded the storage books that don't circulate, and moved to the open shelves those items still of value. This leaves only Reference titles, some short story anthologies in series, and a few items still of value, no longer in print, and in too poor a condition to circulate. This includes our collection of historical Civil War books, local history not in the Andover Room or circulating, and older books on Massachusetts history.

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