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Collection Development Manual 2009
Circulating Collection Selection

Patron Suggestions/Reserve Requests/Interlibrary Loan Requests: when to borrow, when to purchase


Requested Title Borrow or Purchase
Title was published over two years ago and is generally on the shelf at other MVLC libraries. Borrow
Title was published in the last year and is generally on the shelf at MVLC libraries that purchased it. Borrow or purchase if we think it would be useful to us
Title was published in the last year and is generally out at most MVLC libraries. Purchase one or more copies
Title is brand new, has decent reviews, and hasn't circulated yet in most libraries. Purchase
Title is available at several MVLC libraries, it is a title we should own, but the patron needs it in a hurry. Borrow, but also purchase
Title is not owned by MVLC libraries, but has good to excellent reviews and fits our selection criteria. Purchase
Title is not owned by MVLC libraries, has fair to poor reviews, but is the kind of book we collect. Borrow from VirtCat
Title is not owned by MVLC libraries, nor by Boston, or other area consortia, but did get good reviews. However, it is too specialized or academic for our collection. Borrow via OCLC
We can't find any reviews or information on the title, and the author is an unknown. Borrow if we can find it somewhere
We can't find any reviews, nobody owns the title in MVLC, but the author is known, or we have purchased similar books from the same publisher, and they have been of decent quality. Purchase
Title is well reviewed, but too academic, too expensive, or too specialized for our collection. Borrow if we can
Title is of marginal quality, but of local interest. Purchase
Last updated: July 07, 2014
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