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The following is excerpted from the Andover Preservation Awards ceremony that took place at Memorial Hall Library in May 2007.

Richard D. Graber, photographer, 1934-2007
Posthumous Award: Individual Achievement for Photo-documentation of Elm Square and the Town of Andover from the 1960's through 1996

Richard Graber was a unique personality by most people's description. He was intelligent, creative, and talented, held strong opinions and was a great friend, husband and father to his daughters, Jennifer and Caelin. He arrived in Andover with his wife Rachel from Indiana in July of 1962. Richard rented the smallest space in the Musgrove Building as a photography workshop for eight years that was too hot, in both summer and winter. He once stated I was driven to lock the door and print my photographs in my underwear.

From his studio vantage point, Graber produced views of Elm Square in the 1960's, the people, the Main Street and how we lived, in a way that continues to resonate in our collective community psyche. These photographs depict something about who we were, what we did, what has been lost, allowing us to know what we have learned about ourselves. Howard Yezerski, owner of the Andover Gallery, compiled a book of Graber's photographs of this period for the 350th Celebration of Andover, Elm Square: The Photographs of Richard Graber. We have used these images to develop our slide show.

Richard Graber produced much more than photographs of Elm Square. He produced a series of images of Town Meeting. A diptych from the 1980's is on view in the Town Manger's office. Graber was also the photographer for Phillips Academy. The Academy maintains an archive of his images of the school, its students, faculty and events. In addition, he photographed families, children and life events using his own unique vision throughout his career. A Richard Graber photograph is instantly recognizable and highly valued by the owner who will always tell you a story about the process of having it taken.

Today we celebrate the life and work and talent of Richard Graber.

An online slideshow of Mr. Graber's photographs of Elm Square can be viewed here.

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