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Andover, England Historical Museum
Andover, England Historical Museum

Andover, England -- Our Sister Town

History of Andover (Timothy Lambert, Portsmouth, Great Britain, 2002)

Pat West
Pat West

Twin Town

Andover, Hampshire, United Kingdom, the "mother" of all Andovers, is our sister town.  Representatives from Andover, England, including Mayor Ian Carr and his wife Beryl, visited us in 1996 to help celebrate our 350th anniversary. The Carrs and Councilor Pat West and her husband Peter returned to Andover in September, 2000, for the dedication of our "sister towns" garden in Central Park, adjacent to Town Hall. In a ceremony representing the bridging of two communities, the leaders of both towns dedicated the Andovers Friendship Bridge: Hands across the Ocean. More details are in the Andover Townsman, 9/28/00.

Signers of the Charter
Signers of the Charter:
  • Jack Taylor, Chairman, Andover Town Twinning Assn (UK)
  • John Raynor, President, Andover Town Twinning Assn (UK)
  • Judy Goonyep, President, Andover Sister Towns Assn (US)
  • Brian Major, Chairman, Andover Board of Selectmen (US)

Andover Sister Towns Association Charter

Traveling has not just been one way across the Atlantic. In June, 2000, a delegation from Andover went to England to sign the Andover Sister Towns Association Charter. The delegation included Town Manager Reginald (Buzz) Stapczynski, Selectman Brian Major, Selectman Ted Teichert, Fire Chief Charles (Chuck) Murnane, Terry Russo, Peg Campbell, and Ed and Judy Goonyep.

Having fun in the ancestral homeland!

Happy in England

(from left): Town Manager Buzz Stapczynski Chair, Board of Selectmen, Brian Major Fire Chief, Chuck Murnane Selectman, Ted Teichert

300 people from the four towns attended a banquet and ate this cake!

Four Towns Celebrate

the 20th anniversary of the Town Twinning between Redon, France, and Andover, England. Joining Redon and Andover England are Goch, Germany and Andover, MA. Goch is Andover, England's other twin town.

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