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In the mid 1800's the population in the town of Andover had grown and had shifted from original settlement along Lake Cochichewick now called the North Parish to the South Parish several miles away. On March 6, 1854 the town voted to divide into two separate towns by a vote of 401 to 102. The Massachusetts legislature did not act on Andover's request that year. The town again petitioned the Legislature in 1855. The Act to Divide passed the Senate on April 3, 1855 and the House on April 7, 1855.

The Act to Divide the town of Andover and incorporate the town of North Andover was recorded in the Acts and Resolves of 1855. Included in the 10 sections were:

  • The South Parish relinquished two fire engines, the fire house in the North Parish and the Alms House * The South Parish paid the North Parish $500.00 to retain the name of Andover.
  • The North Parish became North Andover.


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