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Jay Leno was born in Andover on April 28, 1950. see

Andover Vertical File - Biography Graduation picture in Andover High School Yearbook 1968 page 52 (R974.5 And 1968)

...Jay Leno High School Yearbook picture.... click to enlarge

[edit] Articles Book signing for Leading with my Chin on Sunday October 13, 1996 -- see Andover Townsman and Eagle Tribune. O: Oprah Magazine-- February 2003, page 137+ Time Magazine March 16, 1992 magazine cover story "Midnight's Mayor: Jay Leno cited in Andover Townsman January 23, 2003

New Leno Book Captures his Childhood in Andover, Eagle Tribune, March 25, 2004, pages 1 & 8 Jay Leno Returns. Hometown Funny Man Keeps 'Em Laughing. (long article with photo of him with Andoverites he knew) Andover Townsman June 26, 2008, p.1, 17. Jay Leno, Obama Jockey for Laughs at Annual Dinner. Eagle Tribune May 2, 2010, p. A3.

[edit] Elementary School School Department thinks he went to Bradley School, then to South School in 6th grade. Article in October 17, 1996 Andover Townsman mentions classmate in South School (see Andover Vertical File - Biography folder)

[edit] Books by Jay Leno Leading with my Chin (1996) an autobiography If Roast Beef Could Fly (2004)a children's book based on his life

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