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  • Andover's First Printing Press was set up in 1798 by Ames and Parker.
  • In 1809 Deacon Mark Newman became the bookseller to Phillips Academy. His bookstore (Andover Bookstore) was located on the first floor of the Andover Theological Seminary.
  • In 1813 Dr. Eliphalet Pearson moved the printing press to the second floor of Newman's building.
  • The Andover Press and the Andover Bookstore evolved together.
  • The Andover Bookstore is the oldest business still in operation. It is now located in Olde Andover Village.

The Andover Bookstore

  • The Andover Bookstore is the nationa's second-oldest bookstore.
  • In the late 1860s the store moved downtown to 37 Main Street. From here, the owners also launched the publication of the Andover Townsman newspaper.
  • In 1960, the owners stopped running the printing press that had been established in 1798.
  • In 1963, the store moved to its current location at 89R Main Street.
  • In 1992, the bookstore was purchased by current owner Robert Hugo.
  • The bookstore celebrated its 200th birthday in 2009.


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