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The Art of Dentistry began doing business in Andover in February of 2005. The office is located on North Main Street in the Tactician Building, where Andover Insurance was once located. The owner and operator of the dental practice is Dr. Pamela Medici, a San Antonio, Texas native.

After earning her DDS in 1994 from the University of Texas, she joined the Air Force to complete her residency. Ultimately, she secured a job as a dentist in the Pentagon in Washington, D.C. Afterward, Medici worked at two other practices in Andover before opening her own: Tim Smith of Andover and Andover Family Dental.

Art of Dentistry has a number of high-tech features to help patients feel more comfortable during their visits. Each dental chair has a flat screen television monitor attached to it so that adults and children can watch a program while having a procedure completed. There are also some new dental technologies in place, including an intra-oral camera and a soft tissue laser.


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...Dr. Pamela Medici.... click to enlarge
...Dr. Pamela Medici.... click to enlarge
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