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Moor & Mountain was founded in 1966 as a partnership between Alan French and Thomas Stout and initially was located on Main Street in Concord, MA. They first published a mail order catalog in 1967, which continued until 1982. Tom and Al also established a cross country ski import business called Norfell, Inc., with its headquarters in Chelmsford, MA, as well as a second retail store that opened in 1975 in Dundee Park in Andover. In 1975 Thomas Stout left the business and Burton Batcheller joined it in 1977.

The store grew to offer equipment and practical advice for all types of outdoor activities. Moor and Mountain is scheduled to close early in 2012.



  • It's happy trails for Moor & Mountain's Al French, Andover Townsman, December 1, 2011, p. 1,5.

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