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Andover has been in the local, regional and national news.


  • "Andover - an upscale suburb accenting culture," Boston Globe, July 15, 1995, (special to the Globe).
  • "Andover featured on 'Oprah Winfrey show'," Eagle Tribune, June 24, 1997, page 11.
  • "Andover called tops for families," Eagle Tribune, April 6, 1998, page 1.
  • "A U.S. tour of Andovers," Andover Townsman, August 26, 1999, page 2.
  • "Statewide, people are leaving, communities are losing population. Studies clain that's not the case in Andover and the Merrimack Valley. Why? What's different here?," Andover Townsman, February 15, 2007.

--Kim 16:08, December 3, 2012 (EST)

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