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*[http://hne-rs.s3.amazonaws.com/filestore/1/2/9/1/1_40bc7622deefd6a/12911_e6dfb13f33ac7fb.pdf"The Old Burial Ground on Academy Road, North Andover]
*[http://hne-rs.s3.amazonaws.com/filestore/1/2/9/1/1_40bc7622deefd6a/12911_e6dfb13f33ac7fb.pdf"The Old Burial Ground on Academy Road, North Andover]
[http://www.findagrave.com/cgi-bin/fg.cgi?page=cr&CRid=91565 Saint Francis Seminary Cemetery]*On River Road
*[http://www.findagrave.com/cgi-bin/fg.cgi?page=cr&CRid=91565 Saint Francis Seminary Cemetery]**On River Road

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  • Jenkins Family Cemetery
    • Located off Douglas Road near the Jenkins Farmhouse.
    • Graves in this cemetery date back to 1752.

  • North Parish Burial Ground in North Andover**Located on Academy Road in North Andover
    • First burial ground established in Andover. Andover split into the North Parish (North Andover) and South Parish (Andover) in 1855.
    • Memorial Hall Library Reference Desk has a notebook listing of all graves.



  • Spring Grove Cemetery
    • This is the Andover town cemetery. At the annual town meeting on March 1, 1869, it was voted to purchase land for the cemetery. A history of the cemetery is contained in a pamphlet entited "Spring Grove Cemetery: Information and rules and regulations, June 30, 1941.
    • An online search by name is located on the town's website Spring Grove Cemetery search

  • Temple Emanuel Cemetery
    • Corbett and Mount Vernon Street

  • United Lebanese Cemetery
    • Corbett Street

  • Woodbridge Family Graveyard
    • Behind 89 Jenkins Road
    • Only 12 stones remain in this unused family graveyard.
    • Originally the Samuel Jenkins family was buried there. They have all been reinterred at Spring Grove.
    • The town adopted the cemetery at the 2002 town meeting.


See also

  • The Andover Historical Society has a list of cemetery inventories for Christ Church, St. Augustine's, Phillips Academy Chapel, Spring Grove, West Parish cemeteries.

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