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After Her After Her
by Joyce Maynard
Narrator: Joyce Maynard
Unabridged   Running Time (Hours): 09:40
Summer, 1979: A dry, hot Northern California school vacation stretches before Rachel and her younger sister, Patty - the daughters of a larger-than-life, irresistibly handsome... [more]  [request]
Alice Bliss: A Novel Alice Bliss: A Novel
by Laura Harrington
Narrator: Kate Rudd
Unabridged   Running Time (Hours): 09:35
When Alice learns that her father is being deployed to Iraq, she’s heartbroken. Matt Bliss is leaving just as his daughter blossoms into... [more]  [request]
All Fall Down All Fall Down
by Jennifer Weiner
Narrator: Tracee Chimo
Unabridged   Running Time (Hours): 12:45
Allison Weiss is a typical working mother, trying to balance a business, aging parents, a demanding daughter,... [more]  [request]
All Is Vanity All Is Vanity
by Christina Schwarz
Narrator: Blair Brown
Unabridged   Running Time (Hours): 10:25
Margaret and Letty, best friends since childhood and now living on opposite coasts, reach their mid-30s and begin to chafe at their sense that they are not where they ought to be in life. Margaret, driven and overconfident, decides the best way to rectify this is to quit her job and whip out a literary tour de force.... [more]  [request]
All the Light We Cannot See: A Novel All the Light We Cannot See: A Novel
by Anthony Doerr
Narrator: Zach Appelman
Unabridged   Running Time (Hours): 16:02
Marie-Laure lives with her father in Paris near the Museum of Natural History, where he works as the master of its thousands of locks. When she is six, Marie-Laure goes blind and her father builds... [more]  [request]
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