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New! If you have your own iPod or compatible device, you can now load eAudios yourself using our audiobook loading station, which is located in the Reference Area. The station has all the titles purchased by the library and is available whenever the library is open.

eAudio FAQs

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Why has the library bought these devices?
Books, whether printed or spoken, are the heart and soul of what we do. And circulating audiobooks on tape and CD are extremely popular. eAudio is just another way to "read" by listening. We are confident that our audiobook listeners will be interested in this new development in listening technology. We think you will welcome the opportunity to explore this new format, just as you have enjoyed our books on tape and CD. It is important for us to experiment with cutting edge services and products, and be in on the ground floor as they develop. This way we can continue to insure that new technologies are adapted to meet the needs of library users. This pilot program will enable you to experience what it's like to listen to a form of MP3 audio on a dedicated device. Then you can decide for yourself whether or not you like it.  Back to top.

Why would I want one?

  • No more broken and garbled tapes, no more cracked and scratched CDs, no more melted packaging
  • No messing with multiple tapes and discs
  • No more lugging around large players and large containers. The devices are smaller than a pack of cards -- just slip into a shirt pocket.
  • No more skipping
  • Easy controls Listen in your car with cassette adapter or radio transmitter
  • Hot new titles available   Back to top.

What titles are available on the library's eAudio devices?
We purchase content for these devices from The available titles that we choose from are the titles that AudibleŽ has purchased the rights for. We still need to purchase audiobooks on CD to be able to offer the full range of titles our patrons ask us for. Basically, these devices fill a niche for us. We concentrate on:

  • Popular titles that are in heavy demand -- we can purchase multiple copies without filling up our shelves when demand falls off
  • Titles that we don't purchase as physical sets because the publisher won't replace damaged or lost tapes or CDs
  • Titles that are only available as abridgements, but are popular. We try not to buy abridgements, preferring to wait for an unabridged version. However, there is demand for new titles, and many people would rather have a long abridgement than wait for an unabridged version
  • Superior unabridged titles that we may own in another audio format, but we know will be popular
  • Titles that have been specifically requested by our users   Back to top.

Why are so many Audible titles abridged?
AudibleŽ can only offer those titles that they have purchased the rights for. The traditional vendors of unabridged physical sets like Books on Tape and Recorded Books, have only sold AudibleŽ rights to some of their content. AudibleŽ is working to secure rights to more unabridged content. We do try to concentrate our purchases on unabridged content, from ALL vendors.  Back to top.

How are eAudio devices circulated?
We lend you the device, a cassette adaptor for listening in your car, and some documentation in a handy little bag. The title you requested is already loaded on the device. You have to pick up the device at our Circulation Desk and return it there. Our Circulation Desk staff will show you how to use it. You will need your own headphones, or you can purchase headphones at our Circulation Desk for $4. When the batteries die, you will have to replace them. It's really easy!  Back to top.

What are the guidelines for checking out an eAudio device?

  • eAudio devices can only be borrowed and returned to the Circulation Desk at Memorial Hall Library, Andover. They cannot be returned in bookdrops or at other libraries.
  • eAudio devices circulate for three weeks. They are not renewable. eAudio devices cannot be requested on Interlibrary Loan.
  • eAudio devices cannot be requested through our web catalog, but they can be reserved by completing the eAudio Request Form on this website or by filling out a form at our Reference Desk. Borrowers will be notified by phone or email, and will have three days to pick up the eAudio package at our Circulation Desk.
  • Borrowers will be asked to fill out a survey to help us evaluate this new service.  Back to top.

Can I search for eAudio titles in the library catalog?
No. You must search for available titles on this web page Back to top.

Can I request an eAudio device in the library catalog?
No. You must use the eAudio Request Form on this web pageBack to top.

Where can I buy eAudio devices and titles and how much do they cost?
We circulate the AudibleŽ Otis and Creative NOMADŽ MuVo™, MP3 players optimized to listen to content from We purchased both the devices and the titles from AudibleŽ. There are other MP3 players and handhelds that are "AudibleŽ Ready". You can find out about these devices, and learn about listening plans and purchasing the MuVo at Audible's web site. We paid $100 each for the devices. The price for the titles varies, but is cheaper than buying the titles on cassette or CD.  Back to top.

Can I bring in my own device for you to load a title on?
If you purchase a MuVo, or a Windows/MAC iPod, we will be able to register your device on our library account and download our content onto your device. You can also use your device to purchase content on your own personal AudibleŽ account. Because of licensing issues, we cannot load AudibleŽ content on handheld computers. We cannot support all of the devices listed on the Audible website because of technical and staffing issues.  Back to top.

Can you load eAudio content onto my MAC/Windows iPod?
Yes, we support both MAC and Windows iPods. Be sure to let us know when you request a title that you will be bringing in your iPod for download. You can tell us this in the "Any additional instructions?" text box at the bottom of the request page. A staff member will contact you and let you know when you can come in with your device to download a title.  Back to top.

Can I listen to eAudio titles on other kinds of devices?
You can only listen to the library's eAudio titles on our library Otis or MuVo players, or on your own personal Otis, MuVo or iPod which has been registered on our library account. This is because unlike "normal" MP3 files which can be played on almost any computer and many portable devices, our eAudio titles are copyright protected using special encryption technology and only work on devices registered on our library account. If you purchase AudibleŽ titles under your own account, you can listen to them on your personal computer, on your handheld computer, on your registered AudibleŽ-Ready MP3 player, or registered AudibleŽ-Ready PDA. You can get a list of these devices on the Audible web site.  Back to top.

How do I use the device with my automobile cassette player?
We circulate the Otis and MuVo with a cassette adaptor.  Back to top.

Last updated: May 27, 2014
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