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New! If you have your own iPod or compatible device, you can now load eAudios yourself using our audiobook loading station, which is located in the Reference Area. The station has all the titles purchased by the library and is available whenever the library is open.

eAudio Otis Digital Player Instructions

The Otis Player offers a variety of navigation and user controls. Below is a listing of all button functions and how to use your device with AudibleŽ content.

Diagram of Otis

Play/On button:

  • Press once and hold 2 seconds to turn device on.
  • With device on, press once to begin playback of audio files.
  • With audio playing, press once to pause, once again to resume playback.
  • With AudibleŽ audio playing, press and hold for 2 seconds to place a bookmark that you may navigate back to later.

Stop/Off button:

  • With audio playing, press to stop playback. Pressing play will resume from the point where you left off in an AudibleŽ file.
  • Pressing and holding stop/off for 2 seconds will power the Otis Digital Audio Player off. Note that your Otis Digital Audio Player is designed to automatically power off if left idle for 5 minutes.

Rewind & Fast Forward buttons:

  • Pressing the Audio control buttons "Rew" and "FF" will rewind or advance the player.
  • Pressing and releasing the Rew or FF control button once will advance the player either to the next "program number" or advance the player a few seconds in a single program.
  • Pressing and holding either button down will move through the title up to 32X the normal play speed (the speed of advance and rewind increases the longer the button is pressed).
  • The exact location of the file is shown on the display.
  • The number of programs on the player are shown in the lower left corner of the display.

Volume up (+) button: Pressing during playback increases volume.

Volume down (-) button: Pressing during playback decreases volume.

Section Browse Button: The Section Browse Button on the lower left side will either advance (+) or rewind (-) the title to the next section in the book. Depending on the player file location pushing the "Section Browse Button" will advance or rewind the player a few minutes to over an hour.

Section navigation up (+) button: During AudibleŽ playback, pressing will proceed to next section within file (if present).

Section navigation down (-) button: During AudibleŽ playback, pressing will proceed to the previous section within file (if present).

Mode button: The Mode button allows users to customize their listening preferences.

To bookmark your AudibleŽ audio file: You may place these bookmarks at important parts of an audio program that you would like to navigate back to later. To place a bookmark simply press and hold the "Play" button until you see the bookmark number on the LCD screen. You may place up to 20 bookmarks in AudibleŽ programs on your Otis Digital Audio Player. To navigate back to saved bookmarks, simply press and hold the "Mode" button. The AudibleŽ program will begin playing from the first saved bookmark. If you would like to navigate to other bookmarks, press the "Fast Forward" or "Rewind" buttons within five (5) seconds following the playback of the AudibleŽ program at the first bookmark.

To delete your AudibleŽ audio bookmark: AudibleŽ Mode is used to delete bookmarks and playback position marks within AudibleŽ audio files. To begin, press the Mode button, and with the FF button navigate to the "AudibleŽ "setting. Press the Mode button to select and enter the AudibleŽ setting. Use the FF button to select between B-Mark Del and Backup Del, and then press the Mode button once more to enter the desired setting. Use the "B-Mark Del" mode to delete bookmarks by pressing mode once you have chosen "B-Mark Del." You will see "Erase?" and by pressing the mode button once more, all bookmarks will be deleted. You may use the "Backup Del" setting to delete the Playback position, which means that when you begin playing the AudibleŽ audio file again, you will start from the very beginning of the program, not where you last left off.

Cassette Adapter: Insert the adapter plug into the headphone jack at the top of the Otis Digital Audio Player. Put the adapter into the cassette deck as you would a cassette. You can now listen to you eAudio book through your car speakers.

Batteries: The Otis player takes two AAA batteries. The batteries in the device may not be "fresh" and you will probably have to insert fresh AAA batteries to finish the book. Just remove the leather cover, open the battery compartment on the back of the device, and insert two fresh AAA batteries. We do sell fresh batteries at the Circulation Desk for $1 each. For the sake of the environment, we suggest you use your own rechargeable AAA batteries. Also for the sake of the environment, we have included a DC power adapter to use in your car.

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Otis Display

  1. Indicates mode function has been enabled
  2. Indicates an AudibleŽ program is being played
  3. Equalizer option music settings
  4. Indicates hold switch is enabled
  5. Indicates MultiMedia Card is inserted into digital audio player (not included)
  6. Information display; title of file, play-through time
  7. Current Program Number Display
  8. Repeat indicator
  9. Battery status
  10. Total Program Number    Return to Top

Special thanks to King County Library System, Washington, for letting us use the name "eAudio" for this service, and for letting us adapt this page from their web site.

Last updated: May 27, 2014
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