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architectural description


Style: Gergorian

Other features: Basement bedroom 7-8'; unique window treatment above entrance; lattice work entrance later added.

historical narrative

Present owner: Cross, Jerome & Ethel (1961)

Original owner: George Abbot (son of George, the emigrant), part of homestead of George Abbot, settled Andover, ca. 1678

Themes: Aboriginal, Architectural, Community development, Exploration/settlement

Historical significance: Built near George Abbot's garrison house, near place where Joseph Abbot was killed and brother Timothy captured by Indians. House built by another of 'George, the emigrant's' many sons. Was probably connected to #57 during the Revolutionary War years. Mary Byers Smith was living here when she decided to have #57 and #59 separared again. Architect Eleanor Raymond drew the plans for the rather unusual request, and #57 was moved off. The ell on #59 had been added previously, 1911, by Nathaniel Bartlett, owner. In 1935, Mrs. Bartlett moved in and ell was taken off to knoll (now at #65 Central Strreet). She was descendant of Solomon Higgins, whose other sister had married John Lovejoy Abbot.

She sold to Dr. D. Ernest Merrill. Later belonged (in 1950s) to Alice Dodge.

House retains many original and interesting features. Front room is pine - pannelled; interior gable overhang on fašade; inside shutters have a space left at the top for observation or defense - a feature remaining from the days of the Indian raids at Andover and emphasizing the house's close connection to the father's garrison house near-by, (the awareness of danger, military preparedness)


National Register of Historic Places

1830 "Map of Andover", Dorman

Andover Historical Society files

Abbot, Rev. Abiel & Rev. Ephraim; "Geneological Register of the Descendents of George Abbot of Andover", Boston, 1947

Goldsmith, Bessie; "Historic Houses of Andover, Mass". 1946

Smith, Mary Byers; "Two Houses from One, House of Mary Byers Smith in Andover, Mass."; "House Beautiful"; Spt. 1928, pg. 241 - 145, 310 - 312 / Oct. 1928, pg. 383 - 387.

1992 Andover Preservation Award

inventory data

Table: Inventory Data for 59 CENTRAL ST
Place: Andover Center
Historic District: Central Street NRH District
Address: 59 central st
Historic Name: Higgins, Solomon - Abbot, George House
Present Use: residence
Original Use: residence
Date of Construction: 1734
Source: B Goldsmith - Historical Homes
Style/Form: Other
Architect/Builder: Eleanor Raymond - 1926 Renovations
Wall/Trim: clapboards
Outbuildings / Secondary Structures modern garage
Major Alterations: yes (1926)
Acreage: 1.03 acres; Lot size: 38,750 sq. ft.; approx. frontage: 118'
MHC inventory number: ANV.115
Recorded by: Stack/Mofford
Organization: Andover Historical Commission
Date: 1975 - 1977

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