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154 MAIN ST154 main st (click to enlarge)


architectural description


Cable mouldings on corner boards; tall two over two windows

House faces Phillips St. (uphill)

historical narrative

Mary Dwight, sister-in-law of Egbert Smyth, professor at Andover Theological Seminary, lived here after Smyth's death. She was "one of Andover's colorful characters". She occupied the house in 1913 and for some years around that time. House probably built by Hannah Newman Fay.

James Anguilo research (8-28-1993):
Lot for house created in 1860 from an out lot of the late Bela B. Edwards estate - house at 148 Main was being run as "The Nunnery" by wife, Jerusha W. (Billings) Edwards and daughter, Sara. (See tax books, Newman files of Andover Historical Society)

It appears Hannah H. (Newman) Fay, widow of Rev. Samuel Austin Fay, moved into new house shortly after its completion (1861?) and lived there until shortly before her death in 1889, when she moved to a convalescent home "on the Hill". (see her obituary, AHS files)

Hannah Fay was never deeded the property by the Edwardses, as it appears to have stayed within that family until 04-25-1888, at which time "all the property held on Main Street" was sold to the Trustees of Phillips Academy. (see Deed, Book 95, p. 154, Lawrence Registry)

Hannah and her sister, Margaret, did, however, own two pieces of land given to them by their father, Mark Newman - the 3rd Phillips principal - when he died in 1859. One of these lots, at Central 4 School, was deeded to the Christ (Protestant Episcopal) church around 1885. (Grantor Index, Lawrence Registry)

Mary Dwight, sister-in-law of Egbert Smyth, professor of church history at Andover Theological Seminary, lived in house, probably around 1910, known as original "back-seat driver". (Townsman's Andover, p. 90)

PA Instructor Frederick Boyce and his family lived in house from 1917-1947. (Andover telephone directories.) ATS owned the house as late as 1927, but they were trying to sell property to PA since 01-18-1918 and couldn't because of misplaced deed form the 1908 transaction (!). N. Andover realtor John Hamilton Morse transacted the sale in 1927. (deeds, Lawrence)

Phillips Academy
James Anguilo pursuing deed work (470-3293)

Building marker 1994


Goldsmith, Bessie: Townswoman's Andover, p. 90
Morse, Nathaniel: 1932, Teems of Trustees, p. 202
See also 1918-1919 directory real estate agent, Boston

See enclosures in AHS binder

inventory data

Table: Inventory Data for 154 MAIN ST
Place: Andover Center
Historic District: Academy Hill NRH District
Address: 154 main st
Historic Name: Fay House - Phillips Academy Faculty Housing
Present Use: residence/dormitory
Original Use: faculty residence
Date of Construction: circa 1860
Style/Form: Italianate
Foundation: brick/stone
Wall/Trim: clapboards
Outbuildings / Secondary Structures two sheds
Major Alterations: remodeled
Condition: good
Acreage: less than one acre; approx. frontage 80'
MHC inventory number: ANV.353
Recorded by: Stack/Mofford
Organization: Andover Historical Commission
Date: 1975-77/1993

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