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architectural description

"Central " chimney is off center; 7 fireplaces; 9 rooms; double hung sash; 2 brick ovens; (one capacity for 75 pies)

historical narrative

Original owner: Capt. Stephen Abbot
Themes: aboriginal, architectural, agricultural, community development, exploration/settlement

On an original land grant fron King George III, farm originally extended from Reading Road to Woburn Street, and was in the Abbot family for nine generations to pre 1920's. There were extensive flax fields and houses were built with lumber from the farm. The present house, was built in 1825, was the third one on the farm.

The first house sheltered Acadians. Jonathan Abbot had built a second house across the road in 1756; twenty-two Acadians from Nova Scotia were brought to Andover. The families of Jacques and Charles Esbert stayed in the first house, then vacant, of Johathan Abbot. These were the first Roman Catholics and foreigners in Puritan Andover and they were not received with enthusiaum. However, their diligence soon won them friends here and when they moved on to settle in Springfield, they were missed.

Asa Sheldon, a Wilmington farmer wrote of being hired out to work for Capt. Stephen Abbot in the spring of 1811.

Evelyn and Henry Jenkins were later owners in 1940's. Mrs. Jenkins found religious artifact in her garden, probably brought from Europe, 1743 (by French Canadians?). Indian relics also unearthed here with spring of water, indicating site of Indian village.


Andover Historical Society files
Goldsmith, Bessie: Historic Houses of Andover, 1946
Bailey, Sarah Loring: Historical Sketches of Andover, 1880
Life of Asa G. Sheldon, Wilmington Farmer, Wilmington Mass. 1959
Goldsmith, Bessie: "The Acadians in Andover", Fair and Warmer, Oct.1927 and Townswoman's Andover, 1964

inventory data

Table: Inventory Data for 45 BALLARDVALE RD
Historic District: Not Applicable
Address: 45 ballardvale rd
Historic Name: Stephen Abbot House
Present Use: residence
Original Use: residence, farm - flax fields
Date of Construction: 1825
Source: Bessie Goldsmith/style-njs
Style/Form: Federal
Foundation: stone - granite
Wall/Trim: wood clapboards
Roof: asphalt shingles
Outbuildings / Secondary Structures small shed and garage
Major Alterations: 1/2002: removal of central chimney and summer kitchen associated w/moving the building; owner restored both during renovation; completed 2006
Moved: 2/24/2002
Acreage: 1.4 acres; approx. frontage Sunset Rock 235', Ballardvale Rd. 320'
MHC inventory number:
Recorded by: Stack/Mofford
Organization: Andover Historical Commission
Date: 1975-77

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