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architectural description

Original style was Federal (?) with gambrel roof & dormer windows.

historical narrative

Themes: architectural, the arts, education.

The "old stone workshop" was built by "The Mechanical Association" to give theological students manual training by the making of wheelbarrows, coffins, cradles, rolling pins etc., which were sold to help pay tuition costs. It then stood at the end of the common which separated Andover Theological Seminary from Phillips Academy campuses, on the site of the present Andover Inn. It was subsequently used for a student gymnasium.

In 1852, Harriet Beecher Stowe arrived in Andover with her family to join her husband, Calvin Stowe, Professor of Sacred Literature at the seminary. At that time, "the stone shell of a building" was being used for rubish storage. Although the trustees were reluctant to allow the Stowes to reside there, Mrs. Stowe said, "I always longed to plan a house for myself" and offered them her first royalty check from the phenomenal sales of "Uncle Toms's Cabin, $10,300 towards its remodeling. She had the long building separated into rooms, added fireplaces, window seats, painted the walls and cement and added the Italian style piazza and fence and christened it "Stowe Cabin", at a cost of $2891.12 "transformed at an expense of some thousands of dollars into a beautiful country residency". Mrs. Stowe lived there 11 years with her husband and six children and it was remembered as the liveliest house on the hill, with its many parties and famous visitors.

After the Stowe"s moved to Hartford, Ct. Mrs. Wilde, a relative of Mrs. Stowe's, ran it as a dormitory, until in July, 1887, it was damaged by fire. After the burning of Mansion House, Nov. 29, 1887, there was no hostelry on the hill, so the Stowe Cabin was renovated for use as an inn. On May 4, 1888, Charles L Carter opened it to the public as Uncle Tom's Cabin. In Oct., 1888 the trustees renamed it Mansion House.

In 1893, at the cost of $22,000 the wooden west wing was added to accomadate guests. E.P. Hitchcock was the proprietor, followed by Charles Ripley and John Milton Stewart. In 1908, the name was changed to Phillips Inn.

In 1929, the addition of 1893 was demolished. Soley and Blair of Boston moved it to its present location on Bartlet Street, the former site of Harrington House.
In the 1950's one of the rooms at Stowe House was used to stage the play "Harriet", starring Helen Hayes.


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inventory data

Table: Inventory Data for 80 BARTLET ST
Place: Rabbit Pond Area
Historic District: Academy Hill NRH District
Address: 80 bartlet st
Historic Name: Stowe House
Present Use: Residence for faculty & student dorm.
Original Use: Carpentry shop for student training
Date of Construction: 1828
Source: see bibliography
Style/Form: Federal
Foundation: granite
Wall/Trim: stone
Outbuildings / Secondary Structures modern garage and breezeway added
Major Alterations: 1852-53, 1883, 1929
Moved: From Chapel Ave. to Bartlet St. 1929
Acreage: 1.09 acres
MHC inventory number:
Recorded by: Stack/ Mofford
Organization: Andover Historical Commission
Date: Aug. 1977

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