Andover Historic Preservation

63 HIGH ST63 high st (click to enlarge)


architectural description

basement earth floor; later entry porch; skived clapboards

historical narrative

Present owner Hannon, Laurence & Helen 11-16-53; Helen Hannon thru Irene E. Berube
Themes: architectural; community development

1926- #63, house and barn
1906- #65 W. G. Brown, house and 2 barns
1888- W. B. Brown
1886- W. Brown, house
1872- J. H. Flint, owns 2 houses
1856- S. C. Moore
1852- S. C. Moore
1830- house

Directories and tax list:
1910- Wm G. Brown, butcher, age 59
1916- Wm G. Brown, clerk 12 Park, house 63 High St.
1900 - W. G. Brown, house shed barn 10,859 sq. ft.
1901-02 - Wm. G. Brown, meats and provisions
Wm. C. Brown, clerk at W. G. Brown's
1888 - Wm. G. Brown, employee at Rea and Abbot on Main St.

inventory data

Table: Inventory Data for 63 HIGH ST
Place: Andover Center
Historic District: Not Applicable
Address: 63 high st
Historic Name:
Present Use:
Original Use:
Date of Construction: 1810's
Style/Form: Federal
Wall/Trim: clapboards
Outbuildings / Secondary Structures
Major Alterations:
Demolished: yes
Acreage: less than one acre; 15,450 square feet; approximate frontage 80'
MHC inventory number: ANV.249
Recorded by: Stack/Mofford
Organization: Andover Historical Commission
Date: 1975-77

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