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historical narrative

1-4 multi -family tenement blocks mid 19th c.
5-6 double family tenements early 19th c.
7 early 19th c. tenement
8 early 19th c. house *
9-10 mid 19th c. tenement
11 early 19th c. saltbox *
12 -13 multi family tenement blocks mid 19th c.
14-15 brick double tenements mid 19th c.
* acquired by Marland when leased mill privileges 1821.
Separate forms -166 No. Main St.
40-42 Stevens St.

Area community of workers, management, etc. employed by Marland Manufacturing Co. Aera known as Marland Village long before founder ABRAHAM marland died in 1949.

Brick mill and brick boarding houses built 1821/23 [Bailey, p. 592]
See also: Separate forms - 40-42 Stevens Street and 183 No. Main Street., refered to as "models", pre -1849. Style essentially same: Greek Revival; simplicity and functional/practicality as key-note; stone foundations; ridge roofs.

Plan of property as Subdived by M. T. Stevens & Sons Co. 1952

North Main Street - mid- 19th Century Mill Housing-Greek Revival Style

#190-192 [lot *8] 2 story frame dwelling.
May 1953: Leita Goff [$3,000.] clapboarded; side entries;porch; central chimney.

#194 [lot #7] 1 story frame dwelling.
1953 - Alice Kirioun [$3.250.] single mill house; asbestos shingles single central dormer; porch altered.

#196 [lot #6] 1 story frame dwelling -clapboarded.
April, 1953 -Alice G, Richardson [$3,250.] single cottage -identical design to #194.

#198 [lot # 5] 2 story frame dwelling.
March, 1953 -Hestor Pattulo [$3,500.]

#200-202 [lot #4] 2 1/2 story frame dwelling
Feb. 12, 1953 - Joseph Keith - asbestos shingled now ; double entrance.

#204-206: 208-210 - 2 1/2 story frame -larger tenement or boarding house bur essentially same design as #200 -202 same builder and time. Now part clapboards, middle is asbestos covered. Sold $6,OOO. , Feb. 12, 1953.

222-224-226 2 1/2 story frame; 3 separate entrancew; 9 window across; 1 central , 2 end chimneys. Sold to Mary Sweeney for $5,000. on Feb. 12, 1953.

214-216-218-220 2 1/2 story frame boarding house - Sold Charles Valintine, Feb. 17. 1953 for $6,000.. [lot #2] 12 windows across; stone steps to porch-touch of decorations in pilasters.


Andover/ North Andover Historical Society files

Insurance Surveys at MVTM, 1872 -1926 [also Marland Mills, plans of]

Bailey, Sarah L. ; Historical Sketches of Andover, 1880

Business History of Andover; Anniv. Souvenir no. of Andover Townsman, May 20, 1896,p.8-10

Mallory, Peter; The Lower Merrimack River Valley: an inventory of Historic Engineering and Industrial Sites [Nat'l Park Services, Washington, D. C. 1976]

Lawrence Eagle Tribune; " Marland Mill Local Landmark," Monday , April 5, 1976.

inventory data

Table: Inventory Data for 2-14 NORTH MAIN ST
Historic District: Not Applicable
Address: 2-14 north main st
Historic Name: Marland Mills Village
Present Use: multi family tenements
Original Use: multi-family tenements
Date of Construction: early to mid 19th century
Style/Form: Other
Outbuildings / Secondary Structures
Major Alterations:
Demolished: yes
Acreage: less than one acre
MHC inventory number:
Recorded by: Stack/Mofford
Organization: Andover Historical Commission
Date: 1975-77 03/24/2006

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