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architectural description

First period house; fine old beams; 12" oak beams; central chimney; NB steep roof pitch and low posting; brick/stone fireplace; bull's eye glass above door.

Symmetrical house with central chimney. Front rooms show original Federal style interiors.

Renovated by David Bidden after 1831.

historical narrative

Original owners: Dorman map: W. Foster, line of ownership to 1830 is uncertain; Sheribiah Ballard?

Owners: Fields, Allyn & Elizabeth (6-18-70)
Tom Haffer (1970 - 78)
Michael Bratower (?) (1978-1991)
Andrew & Jane Brown (1991-)

Owner nominated summer 1987; approved by LHC.

Themes: agricultural, architectural, community development, political

House may have been home of Sheribiah Ballard (1688-1749) built on land of his father, John Ballard, originally two rooms. John Ballard (1653-1715) took over property and original house from his older brother who moved to Conn. John Ballard was Constable of Andover who arrested "Witches" during witchcraft hysteria (1692-93). Sheribiah moved to higher land, sold to Capt. John Foster, 1749, "homestead, meadows, buildings". Huge chimney with Beehive oven in front room (1710-20). John Foster gave son William " a parcel of land with buildings" bought of Sheribiah. Aug. 1, 1831 - William Foster sold to Joshua Emery. House enlarged, back of house probably builtiover foundation of old barn. Old well covered when additions made. Carpenter David Hidden (who came to Andover to build seminary buildings ) recorded work done for Joshua Emery in his Tally Book. Francis Emery sold back to W. Phillips Foster. (1852 map unworked; 1872: W.P. Foster). Joshua Emery was steward of Andover Seminary and lived in house, 1823-31), before buying.

March 25, 1880: John C. Foster sold to Edwin H. Barnard (map of 1888: E.H. Barnard). Barnard to E.P Hitchcock, Aug. 1893-34. Hitchcock was landlord of Stowe House, inn on Andover Hill. Lucius Hitchcock sold to Kimball and Wedman, June 29, 1915. House was then a two-family house. Isiah Kimball sole to Abbot Academy Trustees, 1926. Dr. Edward Sawyer Jr. bought from Abbot Academy, 1928. Dr. Sawyer renovated house, jacking it up to replace rotted sills with new ones; replaced old windows; half of the old ell was transformed into a modern kitchen and the rest into a sleeping porch. Sawyer sold to Charles Arnold, Nov. 1, 1929, and Arnold added pergola. Arnold still owner 1957, follwed by Charles Arnold III, Patricia and Peter (1960); Charles Arnold III (1967) , W. Clifford bought in 1967; Thomas & Ann Hafer.

Building marker 1994


Andover Historical Society files
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Cynthis Burns Art 271 Project - 12/8/75

inventory data

Table: Inventory Data for 88 CENTRAL ST
Place: Andover Center
Historic District: Not Applicable
Address: 88 central st
Historic Name: Ballard, Sheribiah - Emery, Francis House
Present Use: residence
Original Use: residence
Date of Construction: 1717-1720
Source: B. Goldsmith/style-njs
Style/Form: Georgian
Wall/Trim: clapboard
Outbuildings / Secondary Structures modern garage
Major Alterations: Pool (1971) Renovated 1928-29 Enlarged 1831
Condition: very good
Acreage: less than one acre; 33,200 sq. ft.; approx. frontage 166'
MHC inventory number: ANV.127
Recorded by: Stack/Mofford/Andrew Brown
Organization: Andover Historical Commission
Date: 1975-77/1994

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