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85 OSGOOD ST85 osgood st (click to enlarge)


architectural description

NRIND NRMRA, simple doorways, formal dining room, nicely set

historical narrative

AKA - "Hobby Horse Farm" 1947. Present owner Vincent Treaner Jr.
Original owner of land - Aamuel Blanchard/Stephen Osgood, of house: John Flint. Themes - Agricultural, Architectural and Community Development.
Section bounded by Lovejoy-Dascomb Roads- Haggett's Pond and Tewksbury line - once Blanchard's Plain. Samuel Blanchard owned land as early as 1662 in "West Andover". Moved here from Charlestown later with 2nd wife and had garrison house; served as selectman. His daughter, Hannah and Husband Stephen Osgood, gave this land to their son, Joshua in 1750. Joshua married Mary Flint and presumably had house here, but no longer exists. Joshua left his dwelling place and barns to his son, Joshua Jr., who lived here until 1801, when he sold out to John Flint, probably a cousin, of Reading.
John Flint began building house 1809 (date on chimney); finished 1811. He died 1824, willing the house to his third son, Alanson Flint,. Clarence Wey was next owner, followed by William Corliss who came to Andover to manage Bliss Farm. Mr. and Mrs. Corliss restored it, and in the restoration, tore down two old two-story ells which were in poor shape. Vincent Treanor Jr. bought it in 1946 and has had a horse-farm there. The Alanson Flint House was built all at one period, and was not "tacked on to" representing a mixture of periods and styles, as its neighboring houses on Osgood Road. It is Federal in architectural style with the square form and a chimney at each end. Its formality, including the very inclusion of a dining room, marks the refinement and high taste of the period; much attention to detail in arrangement of window panes, sashes and yet, the old oak beams are still held together by wooden pegs.


See 1980 National Register nomination for updated information Vol. 16.
Andover Historical Society files
Mrs. Glen Grant, owner 62 Osgood Road
Goldsmith, Bessie: Historic Houses of Andover, 1946
Bailey, Sarah Loring: Historical Sketches of Andover, 1880
Poore, Alfred MD, A Genealogical-Historical Visitation of Andover, MA in the year 1863. Essex Institute Historical Collections vol. 52, 1915 (excerpts at Andover Historical Society.)

inventory data

Table: Inventory Data for 85 OSGOOD ST
Historic District: Individual National Register Listing
Address: 85 osgood st
Historic Name: Flint, John House and Farm
Present Use: residence/horse farm
Original Use: farmhouse
Date of Construction: 1809-1811
Source: chimney dated, style - njs
Style/Form: Federal
Wall/Trim: clapboards
Outbuildings / Secondary Structures small barn at rear
Major Alterations: renovated 1920's, ells removed
Acreage: 3.35 acres
MHC inventory number: ANV.421
Recorded by: N.J. Stack/Mofford
Organization: Andover Historical Commission
Date: 1975-77

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