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historical narrative

John Hackett original owner, took in borders after 1859. Themes: Agricultural, Architectural, Community Development and Industry.
Porter Rd was South Street and part of the old road from Haverhill to Boston, laid out 1709. Because of early land holdings, this house should be studied in context with #62 Porter Rd. John Hackett bought land (formerly Blunt Farm) from John Marland and in 1849, built house here. In 1863, William Hackett, John's brother, moved a barn here from Abbot Village, which he bought from Jonathan Merrill. In 1861, William had 20 acres and by 1870, 40 acres, including #62 Porter Rd.
House occupied by a Samuel Evans. In 1859, Rev. Alonzo T. Deming, seminary student lived here; also William Stimpson and a civil war veteran, Warren Mason. Peter Shevton owned 1900.
Henry C. Sanborn, owner 1939; sold by Killorin to Potter, 1957. John Marland, manager of Ballardvale Mills had spring dug on property which ran through pipe from Porter field all the way to High Street, Ballardvale, where it was used for the washing and fulling of the flannels. Perhaps these mineral springs were secret of Ballardvale mills world-reknown, top-quality flannels. Dr. and Mrs. Soule now own lot with this well. Poore in May 1863 "John Marland laid an aqueduct the year his house was built; which land was bought of John Hackett. In 1858, an oak was struck by lightening and the aqueduct broke."
1928 dir. Fred French
1906 G. French
1856 J. Hackett
1852 J. Hackett


Andover Historical Society files
Andover Advertiser, June 27, 1863 (Poore, Alfred - from Historical-Geneological Visit to Andover in year 1863. - Essex Institute History, coll. Vol. 48)
Interview with Killorins, who sold property in 1957
Town of Andover - Real Estate Valuation 1900

inventory data

Table: Inventory Data for 52 PORTER RD
Place: Andover Center
Historic District: Not Applicable
Address: 52 porter rd
Historic Name: Hackett, John - Sanborn, Henry C. House
Present Use: residence
Original Use: farm and residence
Date of Construction: 1849 early 19th century
Source: AHS file, njs, style
Style/Form: Federal
Wall/Trim: clapboards
Outbuildings / Secondary Structures barn and shed by 1900
Major Alterations: added to
Demolished: , barn demolished in 1989
Acreage: less than one acre
MHC inventory number: ANV.444
Recorded by: Stack/Mofford
Organization: Andover Historical Commission
Date: 1975-77

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