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17 HIDDEN RD17 hidden rd (click to enlarge)


architectural description

Style: Federal
Other features: 8 fireplaces; wainscotting throughout

historical narrative

Present owner: Dr. Charles Currier
Original owner: Isaac Chandler. (Father-in-law of Carpenter David Hidden)

Subsequent uses and dates: rental property and residence (1840's) - farm after 1861

Themes: Architectural, Community development, Education, Religion

Historical significance: Built on land owned by Chandlers, since first cleared by Philemon Chandler, blacksmith. William Chandler's "publick house" (1962 licence) probably on property. Horseshoe was inn's sign as Chandlers were blacksmiths.
David Hidden (1741 - 1861) came from Newburyport about 1809 with William Bartlett in his chaise, carrying carpenter's tools to work on new seminary buildings. Built new house ca. 1812, on Issac Chandler's homestead and in 1816, married Isac's daughter , Mary. Their children Mary Elizabeth Hidden (1818 - 1893) and David Issac Chandleer Hidden (1823 - 1897) inherited, kept farm here. House usually rented to tenants and many locally famous people boarded here. Samuel Peabody; Prof. Austin Phelps, 1847; Rev. Bernard of Salem; Rev. Charles Mills (who married a daughter of Peter Smith (1862 - 1863); Richard Mooar widow Wyman (1835 - 1837); William Wardwell, 1836; John Shipman, a trader; Avery family John Lord Taylor, 6th pastor of South church, while a PA student; Warren Abbot, paymaster of Pacific Mills, Lawrence; Rev. Harlan Page; Congressman William S. Knox; John C. Allen; William Waters, bookbinder; and Joseph Hardy Neesima (1843 - 1890) first Japanese student at Phillips Academy, who came to Andover 1866 - Mary Hidden had a special interest in missionary work; David I. C. Hidden kept only white chickens on his farm here. He was a bachelor and last of Hidden line. Mary Chandler Hidden never married but her admirer, Deacon Edward Taylor (then owner of Amos Blanchard house) came to dinner here every Thursday evening.
The brother and sister left no wills, so property went to a cousin, Mrs. Henry Bond of Wilmington, who sold to Mrs. Lucy Nesmith of Lowell.
Mrs. Nesmith made substantial improvements and build an ell on the house. She named the place "Hiddenfield". She also added piazza and bay window. She died 1900 and house later bought by H. Bradford Lewis. He died 1951 and his daughter, Mrs. Kellogg Boynton, inherited. She sold to Dr. Charles Currier. (See Lawrence Eagle Tribune, Feb. 16, 1951).


see 1980 National Register Nomination for updated information

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inventory data

Table: Inventory Data for 17 HIDDEN RD
Place: Andover Center
Historic District: Not Applicable
Address: 17 hidden rd
Historic Name: Chandler, Isaac - Hidden, David House
Present Use: Residence
Original Use:
Date of Construction: 1811 - 1812
Source: Andover Historical Soc. Files
Style/Form: Other
Architect/Builder: David Hidden (1784 - 1861)
Wall/Trim: clapboard
Outbuildings / Secondary Structures
Major Alterations: Piazza & ell added and renovated (1897) Porch removed by present owner (1950's)
Moved: no
Acreage: less than one acre
MHC inventory number:
Recorded by: Stack/Mofford
Organization: Andover Historical Commission
Date: 1975 - 1977

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