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23 SCHOOL ST23 school st (click to enlarge)


architectural description

NRDIS NRMRA, porches and dormers appear to be late; mansard roof; six fireplaces; twin chimneys.

historical narrative

Owners - 1. Turner 2. Abbot Academy 11/11/49 - boarding house for Seminary & girls dormitory for Abbot Academy. Themes - Architectural, Community Development and Education. Built after 1825, when Goodhue House said to be only one on that side between "Cheever House" (fork of Main and School) and lower end (junction of Central and School). Built before 1832-33, when said owned by Mr. Turner and kept boarding house for Andover Theological Seminary students and boys from English and Latin schools. (Bessie Goldsmith:Townsman's Andover). Mrs. William Chamberlain (d. 1830) in charge of boarding house here. Judge Marcus Morton lived here. His five sisters attended Abbot Academy 1828-1843. He was Democratic candidate for State Senate and was elected twice. (It was his son, Marcus, Jr. who was Chief Justice of Mass. Supreme Court). Judge Morton was President of Abbot Board of Trustees, 1896. His brick house later open as Abbot dorm. House said to be scene of opening chapter of the "Bright Land" by Janet Ayer Fairbank. In "The Bishop's Vagabond", Octave Thanet (Alice French) mentions it as home where she was born. In 1855 (time of Andover - North Andover division) Judge Morton was moderator of town meeting. That year, Green Street between houses of Willard Pike and Marcus Morton was accepted as Public Highway. Later renamed street for him.


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Abbot Files: Andover Historical Society and Phillips Academy: Oliver Wendel Homes Library.

inventory data

Table: Inventory Data for 23 SCHOOL ST
Place: Andover Center
Historic District: Academy Hill NRH District
Address: 23 school st
Historic Name: Morton House - Phillips Academy Dormitory
Present Use: dormitories for Phillips
Original Use: residence
Date of Construction: c. 1832
Source: AHS files
Style/Form: Federal
Architect/Builder: Mason probably Benjamin Gleason and Sons
Wall/Trim: brick on masonry
Outbuildings / Secondary Structures
Major Alterations: remodeled 1974
Acreage: less than one acre, 14,810 sq. ft. , frontage Morton 120', School 130'.
MHC inventory number: ANV.518
Recorded by: Stack/Mofford
Organization: Andover Historical Commission
Date: 1975-77

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