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53 ABBOT ST53 abbot st (click to enlarge)


architectural description

Late Greek Picturesque/Italianate

Frame - all wood; steam & auto burners for heating

historical narrative

Present owner: Mildred R. Shorten (2.9.31); Linda Cutter (4.13.97)
Original owner: Henry J., Dorothy H. & Elizabeth Shorten (incorrect - see below)

Map, tax list & street directory information:
1872 map: no houses on Abbot or Phillips
1884 map: G. Ripley rectangular house
1888 map: Geo Ripley owns houses on 48 Central, 48R (Central Lane) & 53 Abbot
1900 tax list: George Ripley - farm house, barn & shed, barn, milk house, hen house on Abbot St.; farm land 30 acres
1906 map: C.O. Hemenway, cross-shaped house
1908: no Shortens
1910 tax list: no Shorten; ? Charles O. Hemmenway house, 53 Abbot St., Phillips (1,400), 1-3 land, 53 Abbot St., Phillips (700)
1913: 7 Shortens, 5 work at Tyer Rubber Co.
1916: Charles Shorten boards, is a farmhand; Christopher E., b. watchman T.R.Co.
1918-19: house of James, farmer and Elizabeth; Christopher E. & Henry J. (USA) board; Herbert E. rubber worker b.; Walter R. Gardener b.
1920 St. Dir.: Henry J. Shorten (Dorothy) board, Herbert E. rubber wkr. board, James (Elizabeth)'s house, James is a farmer; Walter R. is a gardener & boards 53 Abbot
1920 tax list South District: James & Elizabeth Shorten house, 53 Abbot (2,000); 1-3 acre land 53 Abbot (800); total 2,800
1926: St. Dir.: Mrs. J. Shorten
1930-31 St. Dir.: Henry Shorten, Mrs. Elizabeth Shorten and Dorothy Shorten (Henry's wife)
1949 St. Dir.: Mildred R. Shorten & Philip Robinson

1997 fire - see Andover Townsman in u. f.; Henry J. b.; Walter R. b. rubber wkr.

inventory data

Table: Inventory Data for 53 ABBOT ST
Place: Andover Center
Historic District: Not Applicable
Address: 53 abbot st
Historic Name:
Present Use: residence
Original Use:
Date of Construction: circa 1872
Source: style - njs; 1872 map
Style/Form: Italianate
Foundation: brick or stone
Wall/Trim: clapboards
Roof: gable
Outbuildings / Secondary Structures modern garage
Major Alterations: Shed raised (sic - razed?) 1973
Acreage: less than one acre; 12,100 sq. ft.; approx. frontage 69'
MHC inventory number: ANV.12
Recorded by: Stack/Mofford
Organization: Andover Historical Commission
Date: 1975-77

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