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Search Tips

Enter keywords into the search box and click the "submit" button to do simple searches. If you want to, you can do more sophisticated searches by using Boolean operators (AND, OR, NOT, NEAR) and by grouping words and phrases using parentheses or quotes. You can add an asterisk (*) at the end of a word or word fragment to denote a wildcard character. Examples:

Phillips Academy
finds records containing both 'Phillips' and 'Academy'
Phillips and Academy
same as above
Phillips or Academy
finds records containing 'Phillips' or 'Academy'
Phillips near Academy
finds records containing both 'Phillips' and 'Academy,' where the two terms are located within a few words of one another
"Phillips Academy"
finds records containing the exact phrase 'Phillips Academy' -- would not find 'Phillips Andover Academy,' for example
(Phillips not Academy) and George
finds records containing 'George,' plus 'Phillips' but not 'Academy'
finds records containing words that begin with 'Phillip'

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