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addressconstruction datearchitectural stylehistoric district
89 ELM ST89 elm st
1830, c. 1850'sOtherNot Applicable
95 ELM ST95 elm st
1915OtherNot Applicable
117 ELM ST117 elm st
late 19th centuryOtherNot Applicable
121 ELM ST121 elm st
Randall/Newman House
1885OtherNot Applicable
133 ELM ST133 elm st
OtherNot Applicable
184 ELM ST184 elm st
Gaudette House
1941OtherNot Applicable
31 ENMORE ST31 enmore st
circa 1920OtherShawsheen Village NRH District
9-11 ESSEX ST9-11 essex st
Theater Building - Colonial Theater
ca. 1830 original cottageOtherNot Applicable
7 FOSTER CI7 foster ci
Formerly part of house on Elm Street; at WhittierOtherAndover Village Industrial NRH District
3 GRAY RD3 gray rd
Scotch District Schoolhouse
c. 1850'sOtherNot Applicable
12 GRAY RD12 gray rd
1865 (A.H.S. says 1775!), on 1830 Dorman mapOtherNot Applicable
34 GRAY RD34 gray rd
1930OtherNot Applicable
141 GREENWOOD RD141 greenwood rd
OtherNot Applicable
7 HAGGETTS POND RD7 haggetts pond rd
Temple Emanuel
1980OtherNot Applicable
65 HAGGETTS POND RD65 haggetts pond rd
Haggett-Burtt House
exact date unknown -described as 'pre-revolutionary farmhouse"OtherNot Applicable
66 haggetts pond rd
OtherNot Applicable
161 HAGGETTS POND RD161 haggetts pond rd
"Hardy House"
early 19th centuryOtherNot Applicable
207 HAGGETTS POND RD207 haggetts pond rd
100 - years ago c. 1860'sOtherNot Applicable
2 HARDING ST2 harding st
early 19th century?OtherNot Applicable
6-8 HARDING ST6-8 harding st
Harding, Sarah H. Double House
#8 - 100; mid 19th centuryOtherNot Applicable

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