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addressconstruction datearchitectural stylehistoric district
52 HAROLD PARKER RD52 harold parker rd
1765OtherNot Applicable
53 HAROLD PARKER RD53 harold parker rd
1720-1776OtherNot Applicable
11 HAVERHILL ST11 haverhill st
American Woolen Company Administration Offices
1923-1924OtherNot Applicable
39 HAVERHILL ST39 haverhill st
American Woolen Company Parking Garage
1923OtherShawsheen Village NRH District
49 haverhill st
The American Woolen Co.
1923OtherNot Applicable
51 haverhill st
American Woolen Company Worker Housing
mid 19th centuryOtherNot Applicable
53 haverhill st
Shwasheen Mill
1921OtherNot Applicable
86 HAVERHILL ST86 haverhill st
circa 1860'sOtherNot Applicable
87 HAVERHILL ST87 haverhill st
OtherNot Applicable
140 HAVERHILL ST140 haverhill st
Doctors' Park
1970sOtherNot Applicable
6 hidden field
Blanchard-Clough House
pre-1800OtherNot Applicable
18 HIDDEN FIELD18 hidden field
Gree??? House
OtherNot Applicable
20 HIDDEN FIELD20 hidden field
Palmer House
1937OtherNot Applicable
20-A HIDDEN FIELD20-A hidden field
Quincy House
1937OtherNot Applicable
21 HIDDEN FIELD21 hidden field
Robert Side's Residence
OtherNot Applicable
22 HIDDEN FIELD22 hidden field
Weld House
1937OtherNot Applicable
22-R HIDDEN FIELD22-R hidden field
Lowell House
1937OtherNot Applicable
9 HIDDEN RD9 hidden rd
1920OtherNot Applicable
15 HIDDEN RD15 hidden rd
Abbot, Moses - Chandler, John House
ca. 1750OtherNot Applicable
17 HIDDEN RD17 hidden rd
Chandler, Isaac - Hidden, David House
1811 - 1812OtherNot Applicable

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