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addressconstruction datearchitectural stylehistoric district
183-187 ANDOVER ST183-187 andover st
1860OtherNot Applicable
187 ANDOVER ST187 andover st
U. S. Post Office - Ballardvale Branch
1860-70ItalianateBallardvale Local Historic District
189-191 ANDOVER ST189-191 andover st
early 19th centuryFederalBallardvale Local Historic District
195-195A ANDOVER ST195-195A andover st
Commercial Store Building
1960OtherNot Applicable
197 ANDOVER ST197 andover st
"Parker's on the Shawsheen"
circa 1848Greek RevivalNot Applicable
199 ANDOVER ST199 andover st
Ballardvale Mill Worker Housing
1848 (1851)Greek RevivalBallardvale Local Historic District
201-203 ANDOVER ST201-203 andover st
circa 1850OtherBallardvale Local Historic District
202 ANDOVER ST202 andover st
OtherNot Applicable
204 ANDOVER ST204 andover st
Ballardvale Mill Complex
1836Greek RevivalNot Applicable
205-209 ANDOVER ST205-209 andover st
1840'sFederalBallardvale Local Historic District
206 ANDOVER ST206 andover st
Ballardvale Mills Wool Dry Houses
Post 1836Greek RevivalBallardvale Local Historic District
211 ANDOVER ST211 andover st
Jamie Poor House
1850'sGothic RevivalBallardvale Local Historic District
213 ANDOVER ST213 andover st
Ballardvale Fire Station, Bradlee Fire House
late 19th centuryStickBallardvale Local Historic District
214 ANDOVER ST214 andover st
Ballardvalle Mills
1844Greek RevivalNot Applicable
215 ANDOVER ST215 andover st
1857Greek RevivalNot Applicable
228 ANDOVER ST228 andover st
Marland - Bradlee House/ The Mansion House
1843-1848; (1836)ItalianateBallardvale Local Historic District
229 ANDOVER ST229 andover st
part of Marland estate
1896OtherNot Applicable
230 ANDOVER ST230 andover st
John Marland Estate
1836OtherNot Applicable
231 ANDOVER ST231 andover st
1937OtherNot Applicable
232 ANDOVER ST232 andover st
1955OtherNot Applicable

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