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addressconstruction datearchitectural stylehistoric district
112A MAIN ST112a main st
1923Colonial RevivalAcademy Hill NRH District
116 MAIN ST116 main st
Jenkins, William Stuart House
ca. 1858OtherNot Applicable
118 MAIN ST118 main st
Derbey, John House and Grocery Store; Derbey - Means - Jenkins House
ca. 1820FederalNot Applicable
121 MAIN ST121 main st
1885Queen AnneNot Applicable
123 MAIN ST123 main st
1890Queen AnneNot Applicable
123-A MAIN ST123-A main st
1870sOtherNot Applicable
124 MAIN ST124 main st
1907Colonial RevivalNot Applicable
126 MAIN ST126 main st
Cutler, L. A. - Handy, Abby R. and Elizabeth House
1870sSecond EmpireNot Applicable
127 MAIN ST127 main st
Andover Shop
1888-1890OtherNot Applicable
131 MAIN ST131 main st
OtherNot Applicable
134 MAIN ST134 main st
Greene, Rev. Aaron House; A Better Chance House
1810sFederalNot Applicable
135-137 MAIN ST135-137 main st
Phillips Academy Steward's House
old part may date from 1809Greek RevivalNot Applicable
138 MAIN ST138 main st
OtherNot Applicable
143 MAIN ST143 main st
Phillips Academy Boys Dormitory and Faculty House
pre - 1850OtherNot Applicable
147 MAIN ST147 main st
America House - Andover Theological Seminary
ca. 1820sOtherNot Applicable
148 MAIN ST148 main st
Pearson, David Sewel - Chandler, Frederic House
1829OtherNot Applicable
150 MAIN ST150 main st
1840sOtherNot Applicable
153 MAIN ST153 main st
Carter House - Phillips Academy
ca. 1825FederalNot Applicable
154 MAIN ST154 main st
Fay House - Phillips Academy Faculty Housing
circa 1860ItalianateAcademy Hill NRH District
157 main st
Cheever House - Phillips Academy Faculty Housing
1840'sGreek RevivalAcademy Hill NRH District

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