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found 74 buildings with architectural style: Colonial Revival

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addressconstruction datearchitectural stylehistoric district
112A MAIN ST112a main st
1923Colonial RevivalAcademy Hill NRH District
124 MAIN ST124 main st
1907Colonial RevivalNot Applicable
14 MARLAND ST14 marland st
1937Colonial RevivalBallardvale Local Historic District and Ballardvale National Register District
26 MORTON ST26 morton st
Carpenter, Rev. Charles C. House
1894Colonial RevivalNot Applicable
29 MORTON ST29 morton st
1915Colonial RevivalNot Applicable
30 MORTON ST30 morton st
Colonial RevivalNot Applicable
40 MORTON ST40 morton st
1920'sColonial RevivalNot Applicable
2 NORTH MAIN ST2 north main st
Bird Watchers, Memorial Hall Library
cornerstone laid Sept. 19, 1871Colonial RevivalIndividual National Register Listing
279 NORTH MAIN ST279 north main st
Wood, William Madison House
1920 early 20th centuryColonial RevivalNot Applicable
18 ORCHARD ST18 orchard st
The LeBoutillier House
1929Colonial RevivalNot Applicable
75 PARK ST75 park st
1872 - 1880Colonial RevivalNot Applicable
38 PHILLIPS ST38 phillips st
Chapin Barn - Phillips Academy
c.1820s-30sColonial RevivalAcademy Hill NRH District
53 phillips st
Williams Hall - Phillips Academy
c. 1900Colonial RevivalAndover Village Industrial NRH District
24 RIVER RD24 river rd
1928Colonial RevivalNot Applicable
59 river rd
c. 1915Colonial RevivalNot Applicable
14 RIVERINA RD14 riverina rd
ca. 1922Colonial RevivalNot Applicable
16 RIVERINA RD16 riverina rd
ca. 1922Colonial RevivalNot Applicable
20 RIVERINA RD20 riverina rd
ca. 1922Colonial RevivalNot Applicable
30 RIVERINA RD30 riverina rd
ca. 1922Colonial RevivalNot Applicable
24 SALEM ST24 salem st
Newton - Hinman House - Phillips Academy
1921 - 1922Colonial RevivalNot Applicable

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